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On October 17 2019, Zainab’s Culprit Imran Will Be Hanged Till Death!

On Friday, October 12, 2018, the Special anti-terrorism court issued the black warrants for the monster behind the rape and murder Imran from Kasur. Zainab’s culprit will be hanged till death on October 17, 2018, after being awarded 21 death sentences because of his evil deed with the innocent child and then killing her ruthlessly.

Zainab’s Culprit Imran “Monster Behind The Evil”

Imran abducted Zainab from her Aunt’s house when the child’s parents were out of the city. On January 4, 2018, she was raped and murdered by this monster and pedophile. Now after Imran is guilty, he will be hanged till death on 17 October. Imran was declared Zainab’s culprit by the authorities on 24 January 2018, after his DNA was matched, this man was also involved other similar crimes.

The incident has raised a social media outcry with #JusticeforZainab and outraged the nation over such a gruesome attack.

Other Innocent Girls

Imran was not only Zainab’s culprit but he was also involved in raping and killing eight other innocent girls at an under-construction site whereas, two others were killed after rape at a garbage heap in Kasur.

Humanity First

Whether the liberals or the pessimist or the feminist every single person has the same stance on this order by the court. Every single person who believes in humanity is happy with this decision by the court.

Most of the people are demanding his execution publically. There was a serial made on this topic named “Meri Guriya” on ARY Digital. In that drama, the culprit was hanged till death in front of the whole city and that was the true example of justice revised by the media. Here again, people are demanding the same punishment for Zainab’s culprit, and I personally think that this monster deserves more than this!

Well, I think that Zainab’s culprit should be hanged on the site where he used to smash the little and innocent flowers of this world. People like Imran deserve more than being a punishment of death, they deserve burning in hell forever!

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