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Olive Garden Faces Boycott for Funding Trump’s Political Campaign

It’s not unusual for companies or big organizations to fund the election campaign of political candidates of different parties. Very often corporates face backlash for funding the political campaigns as this practice is considered to clash with the political values. Recently, It is the Olive Garden which faced boycott after the news of its allegedly funding the Trump’s presidential campaign went viral.

Boycott Olive Garden

  Olive Garden is a restaurant chain in America and is known for serving some of the best Italian food around. Curtis Dayton and Bill Darden founded the restaurant chain in December of 1982. Since then the restaurant chain has spread all over the country. It has approximately 892 branches nationwide.

Running boycott against celebrities, businesses, and influencers on social media for their words and action is becoming a trend. Just recently, it was Boycott Jimmy John trend that went viral on social media and now it is the turn of Olive Green.

If we’re boycotting all fast-food restaurants over political reason then what left

Boycotting A Business Only Because It Supports Trump…?

Various organizations endorse and support political candidates for their political views. Just because one particular organization endorses a candidate, who is against your political ideology doesn’t mean that you have to boycott him/her.

Even the Loyal Customers Were Not Happy with This News

Trump’s political views have not been met with the best of intentions. His decisions to introduce deregulation laws and to cut taxes for the top 1 percent are problematic for the people. Therefore his opponents think that anyone who supports Trump indirectly supports miseries of the wretched poor people of America.

Americans have got another reason to question the IQ of their fellow citizens.

The Restaurant’s Reply

Despite facing strict sarcasm and calls for boycotting the olive restaurant garden in reply to this ongoing station had this to say

In the past, the incidents of people claiming to have been kicked out of the restaurant for not being white or straight have made the headlines. So social media folks got another reason for boycotting Olive Garden.
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