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New OnePlus 9 Series Is Coming with Alluring Features

OnePlus is a smartphone company with a reputed identity in the world of technology. Users around the world admire the brand as well as its services due to its efficient working. Besides, the phone company has allied with another tech giant which has the means to improve the phone’s quality big time. The group has recently given the date of the announcement for the newly created products.

Hasselblad Announced Its Partnership With OnePlus 9

Reportedly, the OnePlus smartphone company recently announced its newly formed association with the Camera manufacturing company, Hasselblad. The camera-company is recognized for its medium format-based smart cameras, which are also quite expensive to buy due to the good embedded technology.

The alliance will result in creating good smartphones which would be able to compete with the big companies of the market. Seemingly, the smartphone company is taking steps towards innovation by accepting support from Hasselblad. The reason supposedly revolves around the fact the today users look for a good and efficient camera in a good cellphone and the cam-company has the means to fulfill such needs.  

Also, OnePlus will pay $150 Million for the joint venture of three years in order to upgrade its camera specifications for the users. 

OnePlus 9 Series Release Date

The Tech companies announced that on March 23, 2021, several OnePlus 9 products will hit the market. However, the exact number of devices is not confirmed. The real dilemma among the users inquires that if the products will fall under the category of a mid-range smartphone or not. The association of two huge tech-groups is the reason behind such wonderments of the smart cellphones users. 

OnePlus 9 Series Prominent Specifications

The plans announced by the company for the OnePlus 9 series include four Research and Development (R&D) Labs in the US and Japan. The firm is allegedly trying to overcome the confusion of Android vs IOS by creating a supposed monster series in the cellphone world. 

Besides, the company will introduce a custom Sony IMX 789 sensor along with dual native ISO. In other words, the series will offer a 4K@120fps video capture feature, real-time HDR video making, and full-pixel omnidirectional focus-feature. 

The upcoming OnePlus series will also introduce a freedom Lens, A T-Lens for the front camera, and a Panoramic camera with the ability to accommodate 140 field of view.

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