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These Online Class Memes Are Comic Relief During Coronavirus Distress

The world is passing through testing timse due to coronavirus outbreak. Till writing this word the total death count has risen to more than 11,000 while the number of people who have been affected all over the world has reached above 277,000. Given such serious condition staying home, social distancing and remaining in quarantine seem the best options; the reason why businesses and educational institutions have switched to online modes. While, social distancing during coronavirus epidemic is no less than a challenge, it is also making people experience interesting things, few of which reflect well in the form of online classes memes.

University students whose favorite past time is scrolling through social media newsfeeds are using their online classes time to create hilarious memes which are way too relatable for folks.

Online Class Memes During Coronavirus Epidemic

Students, teachers, business persons and professionals are facing different experiences through their online communication. They are talking about inconvinience caused due to slow internet connections, students’ liberty to wear the dresses of choice, doing multi-tasking and much more.

Well a look at some of these online class memes which are really proving a comic relief can explain the situation.

As this meme shows how a professor will look like when there is distortion due to slow internet.

It is much easy for tech-savvy students to play tricks on their old-school teachers who don’t have much idea how these commands work.

Not A Meme But This is the Best Thing about Online Classes

Maybe this is what from the comfort of home actually means.

This is how everyone looks like.

There are myriad of ways these classes are going to benefit students who don’t have answers to questions or who really don’t want to participate.

Well, this struggle to mute and mute is responsible for most of the online class memes.

The mischeivious behavior is really on.

Folks are using online classes as if they are using social media; as a medium for sending memes.

This angry fan meme explains different situations.

They are asking some legit questions as well.

Here is some reality check as well.

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