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Students’ Struggle In Online Classes During Coronavirus Is Funny

Coronavirus pandemic has pushed many activities online, including education. Many institutions are conducting online classes during coronavirus but virtual learning is becoming problematic for students as well as teachers for several reasons.

Online learning is a supreme priority for institutions during the pandemic, so it is crucial to identify effective learning methods that minimize disruptions during the class. These disruptions lead to unpleasant online learning experiences for both student and teachers

What Is Going On In The Online Classes During Coronavirus lockdown?

This sudden change during the pandemic might be a festivity for some but imagine those who are facing real communication barriers in online education.

One cannot assume that the student will admit having a complete internet access in online classes during coronavirus lockdown.

Students tend to miss classes and there is no way to figure out if that student is really faking his issue or not. There are millions of excuses to bunk the class, like this hilarious one.

Some Situations Are Really Funny

Apart from the addictive comfort of the house, there are many other things that can diverge students’ attention from the online class.

These interruptions are more accessible when a teacher is present virtually rather than physically. The attention automatically gets diverted towards the people who are physically present. One such situation is beautifully explained by this angry fan meme.

Attention span is very important for teacher and student both and it is constantly getting disrupted by technical glitches.

There are some memes about the generation gap as well.

Social media is erupting by the minute with enraged students calling out the mistakes of their lecturers and institutions.

In theory, flexibility is the beauty of taking online classes during coronavirus outbreak but people have a tendency to abuse this freedom. Honest students are troubled as it can negatively affect their results.

Strengthen Relationship between Education and Technology

Most lecturers struggle with technologies in online education. These technologies must be learned rather being let to make current life further difficult.

The only way teachers can maintain some order in online classes during coronavirus outbreak is by inducing self-discipline into their students. Otherwise is what continues to happen:

They are going like some K-POP performance

And how can a classroom be totally complete without such students:

One lecturer pointed out that institutions were aware of this learning crises. It means that the responsible institutions implemented the online classrooms without proper planning.

Start from Low-Tech Tools

Another lecturer highlights the issues that she met in conducting classes online

It takes different set of skills to be an online lecturer but veterans of the digital world suggest to use other handy technologies.

According to lecturers who are producing successful results with their online students, low technology is a way forward.

The students can easily record lectures if teacher is simply using a digital PPT with voiceover.

Communication between teacher and student can highly improve with the use of low tech apps and gadgets in conducting classroom for the masses

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