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What Is Closed and Open Source Software

Computers programmers need to know the difference between a closed and open source software if they want to utilise available resources for developing applications. Even the website owners should also be knowing about the basic difference for coming up with better CMS (Content Management System) for their online businesses.

Let’s have a look at each of these two kinds separately.

What Is An Open Source Software ?

As the name indicates an open source software is available freely. But it is not that simple. Here freely doesn’t mean that particular resource is free of cost. In fact, it implies that it is free for making modifications and changes for the purpose of innovation. 

So, if a company, organization, programmer or a publisher, makes the source code of the software they have developed, freely available then it is known as an Open Source software. 

Closed Source Software

A closed source software is not freely available for public. For example, the software developed for banks and companies for their private use is not meant for others, hence it is a closed source software. Even, if the purpose is to make changes in such software then license is issued for restricted and authorized users. Public can’t utilize the source code of such software as it is not available for them.

Which One Is More Beneficial..?

It is not simple to give the verdict on which is better…? An open source software or a closed source one…? It all depends upon the users’ priorities and luck. In fact, it is the luck part that matters more. A programmer has to be lucky enough to find that a source code he/she needs is available for free.

Of course, there are certain Pros of an open source code. Like, it is cost effective and time saving. While programmers get to learn something or know how to make a similar digital product using the same code, businesses can use that code to further their online venture. Simply, they don’t need to make anything from scratch.

Who Is Beneficiary of Closed Source Code?

It is not rocket science to comprehend who is the beneficiary of a closed source software. It is obvious that these are creators or the owners who benefit from it because their code has something really unique and it is not for everyone to imitate, make changes or innovate through it. Briefly, the source code of the software is not shared with public. Further, owners and creators of a closed source software also make money by allowing a premium use of their software.

Here are few examples of each of these types.

WordPress, Firefox, Linux, Android, MySQL, and GIMP are few examples of Open Source Software.

Some common examples of Closed source software include MacOS, iOS, iTunes and Adob Photohop etc.

It is also to be noted that whether to make a software available for free public use and modification depends upon the intent of creator.

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