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Pakistan’s Army Chief Granted Six Months of Extension by Supreme Court

After a lengthy debate, the supreme court of Pakistan has decided to extend the service tenure of army chief Qamar Javed Bajwa for six months until proper legislation is presented to remedy the current situation.

Army Chief Granted An Extension

After a three-day-long debate, the court on Thursday reached a conclusion regarding the service extension of army chief Qamar Javed Bajwa who was bound to retire on 29th November at midnight.

 The three days long court hearing began when a petition was filed questioning the logic and reason behind the government’s decision to extend the service tenure of the chief of army staff. The petitioner later withdrew the petition due to which the Chief justice of Pakistan initiated a hearing on the matter due to public interest.

In the three days, court case that pursued under the supervision of chief justice along with Justice Mazhar Alam and Justice Mansoor Ali Shah questioned the attorney general of Pakistan according to which rule did the government take this decision. He further asked to clarify who has the authority to extend the service tenure of a retired COAS.

The AG, while replying to the question, aid: “Only the president of Pakistan has the authority to extend the service tenure of the Chief of army staff while the chief has the right to extend the service tenure of any subordinate.”

The President Was On Board With The Decisions

CJP then remarked if that’s the case then why the prime minister’s office dispatch the relevant notification and not the president’s office. In response to the CJP’s query, the AG assured the judges that the president approved the decision first.

The CJP, while giving his final remarks on the matter, said, “we need to develop proper legislation to prevent such problems from occurring again. Hence the court will grant the government six months to produce proper legislation. Keeping in mind the immense responsibilities of The Chief of Army Staff, the court grants a six months extension after which a proper ruling regarding his situation will be passed.”

Prime Minister’s Reaction on Extension

The prime minister of Pakistan, while expressing his thoughts on the court’s decision, praised the CJP and his team for making such a sound decision that helped prevent any kind of clashes between institutions.

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