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Pakistan Cricket Team Can Reach Semi-Finals If Bangladesh Can’t Play

We’ve all heard the term hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Well, Pakistan cricket fans are doing just that. It would take nothing short of a miracle to see the Pakistan cricket team to play in the semi-finals of the cricket world cup 2019. The type of miracles fans are hoping for are amazing and hilarious.

Pakistan has lost the tournament but they have surely won the hearts with their sense of humor as evident from memes.

Pakistan Cricket Team’s Semi-Final Prospects Are A Joke

The Pakistan cricket team is one of the most unpredictable cricket team in the world. You can never be too sure about how they will perform. It can lose to an opponent with the worst performance record and win against the team with top ranking. After England’s win against New Zealand Pakistan has almost lost hope to reach the next stage; before this England’s clash with India had also Pakistani fans on their toes as England’s loss could give them entry to the semi-finals.

But after India’s intent less chase cricket fans from all over the world were wondering If Eng Vs. Ind cricket match was really fixed.

The only way for them to qualify for the semifinal is by defeating Bangladesh with a margin of 316 which is impossible.

How come Indians couldn’t take this opportunity to laugh at the expense of Pakistan’s situation.

What A Lethal Strategy ?

The suggestion this Pakistani Twitter user gave is the most unique and outrageous not to mention hilarious


Indian fans while enjoying the horrible state of affairs the Pakistani team is in are suggesting Pakistan Cricket Team fans to come to their senses and realize that its game over for them. There is no possible scenario in which it can qualify for the -semi-finals.

And they are right because Pakistanis still don’t seem to get over with this game.

There Seemed No End to the Jokes

Since the start of the tournament statistics and situation of Pakistan cricket team was quite similar to the 1092 world cup that they had won. Such an uncanny resemblance indeed gave the nation hope. Now when the hopes for making it to the top four are fading Pakistanis and Indians are trending 1992MeinBhi for regretting and trolling respectively.

It seems that Indians don’t seem to win because they have started using 1992MeinBhi hashhtag in their favor.

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