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Pakistan Decides To Ban Cars without Airbags

Pakistan is taking steps towards innovating the automobile industry in the country. The steps involve the prior most thing i.e. the safety of people. The federal cabinet has recently approved the (AIDEP) 2021-26 plan. The Automotive Industry Development and Export Plan will take initiative for the automotive companies to develop in Pakistan and guarantee the safety of car users too. The plan is advised for all the companies, if any automobile firm owner remains unable to comply with the regulations, the government will not stay lenient with them. 

What Is The New Policy to Ban Cars without Airbags?

Reportedly, the car companies are now advised to follow the WP.29 list of regulations that is a legal framework to establish rules and regulations regarding vehicles and motor parts. Also, as per the policy, Pakistan is ready to regulate that cars without airbags will no longer be seen on the roads. This rule is reportedly applied only to the new cars. Around 64 countries follow The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) regulation forum as they are much cautious about their vehicles. In order to comply with the policy, the companies run performance tests to ensure the safety of the environment as well as the people.

What Are Essential Pre-requisites for Safety of Vehicle?

In April 2020, Pakistan agreed to adopt and follow the advised regulations. However, most of the car companies didn’t pay attention and never tried to follow the policy. As for now, the government has made the policy compulsory for every automobile company in Pakistan. The UN vehicle regulation includes quality assurance of all the safety requirements that include tires, lights, brakes, seatbelts, steering, rear-view mirrors, anti-theft system, airbags, and everything that is counted important in terms of safety. Moreover, cars without airbags are the most dangerous ones considering the accident rate in Pakistan. Thus, the government has decided if the companies neglect the regulations, the authorities will ban them from selling cars from June 30, 2022. 

Pakistani Cars with No Airbags 

Cars without airbags are a norm in Pakistan; one of the reasons for several fatalities as a result of drivers dying in accidents. Severa new cars like 11th gen civic are coming with features that are environmental-friendly and enhance user safety. However, some companies and cars lack the basic necessity i.e. safety. As per reports, these cars without airbags will probably be banned soon in the country. Suzuki seems to be the most notorious one in Pakistan. 

Suzuki Cultus (VXR), Suzuki Alto (VX), Suzuki Ravi, Suzuki Wagon R (VXR), Suzuki Wagon R (VXL), Suzuki Bolan, Changan Karvaan, United Alpha, and United Bravo are the vehicles with low safety features. Suzuki and other companies are advised to instantly upgrade their cars to avoid any legal action. 

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