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Government of Pakistan to Launch Coronavirus App to Deal with Pandemic

The total number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan have reached 456, out of which 3 patients have reportedly passed away. The criticism towards government is rising along with the fear of pandemic. In an attempt to contain the virus, government has decided to launch a coronavirus app that can help spread awareness and thus mitigate the risk

This mobile application claims to detect coronavirus carriers in a nearby area. So, a person can try to be safe accordingly. Since government does not have sufficient resources to conduct tests for everyone, this app is a DIY for people.

How Will Coronavirus App Work?

For detection, this app will use a radius alert technology powered by GPS. Apparently, a radar will identify COVID-19 carriers in nearby area. The factors that makes it possible for coronavirus app to detect virus inside a host are still unclear.

Additionally, it will send different kind of notifications such as reminder to take preventive measures and latest updates. It will also include a ChatBot that is supposed to answer queries of people.

A similar app was first developed in China

How Long till Its Available for Download?

The Government currently working on the development of the coronavirus app. It is said to be completed and launched within 10 days.

Recently, government also launched an official website containing updated information about the pandemic. This website is regularly updated with latest numbers infections, deaths, and recoveries. Considering the quality and performance of the website, it can be assumed that the upcoming coronavirus app will also be efficient.

Potential Advantages in Overall Healthcare

The app includes public awareness videos and alerts to remind the user to wash hand and sanitize often. Developers want users to adopt cognitive behavior with the help of this application. Taking proper care of hygiene is very important and this app will keep annoying the user until it’s done.

Another great advantage is that it gives people the ability to report unethical behavior of pharmacies. If a store is short of mask or useful COVID-19 medication, a user can file a complaint. Government of Pakistan is responsible to monitor that complain and take strict action.

Many pharmacies and medical stores tend to hoard mask and medicine or keep them for selective group of customers; this behavior is not only uncalled for but highly dangerous in the time of pandemic.

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