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Pakistan Observed Kashmir Hour to Support Oppressed Kashmiri

On Friday, August 30 the people of Pakistan on the call of Prime Minister Imran khan observed Kashmir Hour and showed their solidarity with the people of Indian occupied Kashmir who have been subjected to countless atrocities at the hands of the Indian army.

Why Observe Kashmir Hour?

While addressing the crowd of Pakistani protesters who had gathered support the  Kashmiri people  Imran khan talked about the significance and importance of their protest. He further talked about how the Kashmiri people and the UN would view this protest.

On the eve of Kashmir Hour people also opined why despite the matter being in the United Nations there was not action taken to abate sufferings of IOK.

If you take a brief overview of UN history, it seems to have a selective hearing disorder and cataracts. When the Serbs butchered innocent Bosnian, the UN unlooked away. The Palestinian for years have been suffering at the hands of the Israeli yet again nothing was done, but when one Palestinian severely injured an Israeli soldier, the UN took notice.

To Show There Solidarity with the innocent Kashmiris Both The Young And The Old Came Together.

One of the largest turnouts of protesters for Kashmir Hour was in Islamabad the capital of Pakistan. The protesters gathered in a large ground of Islamabad.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan even had an article published in the New York Times explaining why the world can’t ignore Kashmir anymore.

What Sparked Pakistanis to Observe Kashmir Hour

After the abrogation of article 370 and 35A of the Indian constitution, the special status of Indian occupied Kashmir had ended. The revoked articles allowed the people of Kashmir political autonomy and the right to self-govern within certain limits. It furthermore prevented citizens of other Indian states from buying properties or take up residency in Kashmir.

To suppress any opposition by the Kashmiris, the Indian army has placed the entire state under curfew. As a result, they have restricted the flow of information, essential good, and the general public from leaving or entering the state.

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