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Here Is How Pakistan Celebrates Its National Day?

Pakistan celebrates its National Day on March 23 of every year. On this eve, the country pays homage to the national heroes and gives away awards to the citizens who made notable achievements in their fields.

The Essence of Pakistan’s National Day

Facts about National Day of Pakistan, show that it is different from Independence Day in essence.

On this occasion, Pakistanis commemorate the Lahore Resolution that later went famous as Pakistan resolution, adopted by the leaders of Muslim League in a conference held between March 22 to March 23 in 1940. In that conference, Muslim League leadership agreed that the Muslim community of sub-continent needed a separate homeland in areas where they were in majority.

How Pakistanis Celebrate This Eve

Briefly, 23rd March is a day when Pakistanis celebrate all those things that make them a proud nation. Whether it is showing military might, exhibiting the country’s cultural diversity or highlighting all those things that make Pakistan stand distinguished among the rest of the world; the day is simply about what makes Pakistan.

The distinguished event of National Day is a military parade that takes place in Islamabad. This year the event is going to be more special as Malaysia’s Prime Minister Mahathir Muhammad who is in Pakistan for 3-days visit will be the guest of honor.

Rewarding Citizens for Their Achievements

On 23rd March the government of Pakistan also gives away awards to its citizens for achieving big in their fields. Recipients usually get Hilal-i-Imtiaz, Sitara-i-Imtiaz, and Pride of Performance awards. This year notable recipients of these awards include actress Mehwish Hayat. comedian Iftikhar Thakur, film actress Reema Khan, actor Shabbir Jan, film actress Babra Shareef, journalist Arshad Shareef, DG ISPR and many other citizens who made remarkable achievements in different fields, including medicine, teaching, social work, and other professions.

The national day of Pakistan simply gives citizens an opportunity to have a look at what they have contributed to make their country proud and how they can positively use nationalist sentiments to do some real good for society.

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