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Pakistan Railways Mobile App Launched

Pakistan Railways remains one of the top most transportation modes across the country. It is particularly attractive for long distance travelers from one city to another. In a bid to embrace technology, Pakistan Railway has launched a mobile app. The Pakistan Railways mobile app is launched for the Android phone users.

The App Start

Upon downloading the app, you can go to the register or login page to get yourself registered.

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Getting Yourself Registered

The registration process is relatively easy. Once you get yourself registered, the Pakistan railways mobile app will send you a verification code which you require for getting yourself registered. If for some reason, you are not able to get yourself registered, the Pakistan railways mobile app also provides you with a guest sign-in option.

Railway Timings

There are several options available in the mobile app. Upon tapping the Timings option within the Pakistan Railways mobile app, you will be able to see the list of trains going up or down the country. Under Timings, you can search for the train which goes to your intended destination. When you select any particular train, you will be able to see the timings and route of the train.

Travel Option

The booking railway tickets app also has a Travel tab. In the Travel tab, you will be able to search for available trains and also know about the train’s travel costs. If you wish to book the tickets, you need to provide the number of adults or children who need to go with the correct departure date, with departure and arrival points.

You can increase or decrease the number of passengers by tapping onto the + or – sign. The Pakistan Railways app should also provide the option for the users to insert numbers of passengers manually. Department has ensured that its website’s visual appearance looks pretty similar to the app.

Railway Helpline

There is also a helpline feature through which mobile app users can dial Helpline number. You need to enter city code and tap “call helpline”.

Freight Option

The user needs to give input about the commodity. They also need to give the departure and arrival points.

How Can Pakistan Railways Mobile App Help?

There are many valuable benefits of this newly launched app. The first benefit is saving time for the commuters who want to reserve their seat. The second advantage is the ease with which railway mobile app users can book a ticket. Third, the mobile app users can get themselves a railway ticket at any time. Lastly, even the freight forwarders can take advantage of this mobile application for booking different commodities in time.

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