Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Pakistan Street View Maps Launched by TPL

TPL Maps has launched Pakistan street view maps for the country. The company launched maps of three main cities of Pakistan.

The new feature will let the users view the streets of different areas in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. TPL Maps claims to have first launched this kind of service in the country. The company also says it used a breakthrough technology.

Pakistan street view maps by TPL Maps include more than 60,000 images of the three top cities of the country. The company says that Pakistan street view maps facility will be rolled out to other cities of the country as well. Some of the cities the company aims to target shortly include Quetta, Peshawar, and Faisalabad among others.

Images of Pakistan Street View Maps

Images of Pakistan Street View MapsPakistan street view maps consist of vivid images for people seeking direction. The images offer 360-degree views and can also be rotated for panoramic views.

TPL Maps is already providing the images in the Night Mode and Satellite View. The company is also planning to use crowdsourcing to get images to further its street mapping functionality.

Some of the salient Pakistan Street View Maps Offered by the company include the following.

Some of the salient Pakistan Street View MapsLive Traffic

The app provides to its users live traffic updates and secondary routing options.

3D Maps

The app includes 3D models of famous buildings in different cities.

Voice Navigation

The turn-by-turn voice navigation instructions are offering real-time traffic information.

Intelligent Search

Users can search based on three different categories including Scale, POI, or Cartographic Data.

Offline Navigation

The ability of the users to access maps stored on their devices without an internet connection.

Data Gathering

Integrated data involving measures of location, speed, and time fed into the live traffic information system.

Two other features include Zoom In and Zoom Out and Social Media Integration.

API Integration Features

App developers can integrate Pakistan street view maps. Developers can embed them on web pages using JS interface. The map integration works well with both mobile devices and desktop browsers.

The Android App for Pakistan Street View Maps is rated 4.4 with 1,693 users sharing their opinion.

Some of the new features added as per its Android app include:

  • Weather update for displaying current weather in your area.
  • Better place details and interactive routes.
  • Fixes to improve the performance.
  • The app’s bugs got fixed as per users’ feedback.
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