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Pakistan Agrees on India Disagrees to US Peace Talks Offer

The US offered both India and Pakistan peace talks to reduce the tension between nuclear neighbors. Pakistan welcomed US peace talks offer, but India rejected it right away.

Here is what the Pakistan’s Washington Envoy Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry said,

“Any positive role that the US plays to bring peace and stability in South Asia can serve the region well.”

He further added that Pakistan was interested in having good relations with India.

The US Peace Talks Offer

Nikki Halley, the US ambassadorNikki Halley, the US ambassador to the UN, made the offer.

“It’s right that this administration is concerned about the relationship between India and Pakistan and very much wants to see how we de-escalate any conflict going forward. I would expect that the [Trump] administration is going to be in talks and try and find its place to be a part of that because it’s concerned about the situation.”

The State Department spokesperson, while talking to a newspaper said that the US believed both India and Pakistan would benefit from the cooperation. He also said that the US encouraged both India and Pakistan to engage in direct dialogue to help reduce tensions.

India has always opposed third party mediation including the US and the United Nations. However, Pakistan has always welcomed international intervention and has regularly raised the issue of Kashmir at international forums.

The Spokesperson for Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Gopal Baglay dimmed all hopes of any progress on the US peace talks offer.  Here is how he responded with a cold shoulder to the US peace talks offer.

“The government’s position for bilateral redressal of all India-Pakistan issues in an environment free of terror and violence hasn’t changed. We, of course, expect the international community and organizations to enforce international mechanisms and mandates concerning terrorism emanating from Pakistan, which continues to be the single biggest threat to peace and stability in our region and beyond.”

Indian PM’s Harsh Stance Towards Pakistan

Indian PM’s Harsh Stance Towards PakistanEver since Mr. Modi became the Prime Minister of India, he took a very tough stance against Pakistan. He did not just vent his anger towards its neighbor but also formulated many new anti-Muslim policies. Cow slaughter ban is one example of the anti-Muslim rhetoric.

The Modi government also tried to use hatred against Pakistan to try and win the election. However, it was not able to successfully use it. In an address to the Indian Punjab farmers, Modi threatened that his government would redirect Pakistan’s share of water to the agricultural lands there.

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