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Usman Janjua- Pakistani Doctor Who Is Treating Coronavirus Patients in China

Chinese people are appreciating Usman Janjua who offered his services to treat coronavirus patients in epidemic hit China. Pakistani origin Dr. Usman Janjua is said to be the first ever foreign medical professional who volunteered to treat victims of a coronavirus in China despite knowing that it was simply equal to making a suicide attempt.

Usman’s generous act made him a hero for the Chinese citizens who are passing through the testing times. Coronavirus till now has reportedly infected more than 14000 people and killed 300 patients.

Chinese embassy of Pakistan in a Twitter post also appreciated Dr. Usman Janjua’s act to join fight against coronavirus in China.

Who Is Dr. Usman Janjua from Pakistan

30 years old young Dr. Usman Janjua hails from Dina, Jhelum in Punjab province of Pakistan. Janjua is teaching at Changsha medical university in Hunan province of China. He reportedly studied MBBS from the same institute. Usman also worked in Lahore’s Mayo Hospital for a brief period of time.

Talking to media Dr. Usman Janjua said, “China provided me with good opportunities for education and employment. I am unable to forget China and Changsha”. He also mentioned how the staff was helpful to guide him about methods of epidemic prevention and viral isolation.

How Challenging Is Treating Coronavirus Patients

Coronavirus which is said to be originated from a sea market in Wuhan city of Hubei province of China has caused an international health emergency. Since the virus is spread through touch and air it has already reached different countries of the world through travelers from China. Till now only one death from coronavirus has been reported outside China. Reports of patients recovering from the disease have also emerged. Still governments all over the world are concerned over the spread of this disease and guiding their citizens to take precautionary measures like wearing masks, cancelling travel plans to China and limiting contacts with people who might have contracted this virus. 

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