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5 Old Pakistani Dramas that 90s Kids Loved to Watch

The drama industry of Pakistan has jumped into an era of innovation due to technological advancements, evolved cultural traits, and advanced social trends. Today, Pakistani dramas are very colorful, bright, and efficient in terms of content. However, the 90s Pakistani Tv series had a different sort of charm as the shows’ content could easily attract the audience without the help of social media promotions.

Popular Old Pakistani Dramas for 90s Kids

Since the start of the TV channels in Pakistan until this date, the country has produced countless on-screen dramas that earned global fame. From 1964 till now the drama in Pakistan has evolved through different stages depending upon socio-political and cultural shifts. Apart from the artistic sense and content of these dramas certain age groups have their own reasons to be associated with some old TV Shows.

Here are a few of the Pakistani dramas that have a special place in the hearts of 90s kids, since they have remained an open part of their childhood.

It’s time to recall that magical time when the whole family would sit together before their fat television set to watch Ainak Wala Jin.

The show had a huge fan base since parents used to watch the drama with their kids. The actual charm of the show was its trio-genre which comprised of magic, thrill, and fantasy. The audience from the 90s era would agree that the characters of the show were kind of special since they could make the viewers feel connected with them.   

Alpha Bravo Charlie

Alpha Bravo Charlie was among the very famous Pakistani Dramas in 1998. The show was produced by ISPR which also produced the recent popular drama Ehd E Wafa represented the Pak army. The show was a great way to spend time watching the Pakistani military, air force, and the army does their fine jobs.

According to some opinions, the show was a necessity since many people did not know about how the Pak forces do their job and how they spend their lives while serving the country. consequently, the show was a source of information for the viewers too.


What’s scarier than seeing a monster in the dark while being surrounded by smoke in cold. Haqeeqat was a horrifying drama that used to give chills to the children. The main character Muqadas was the center of attention in the drama as she was possessed by a demon.

Of course, the drama looks funny now when we glance at it, but back then, it was one of the most horror shows that could scare the hell out of the audience.

Family Front

Pakistani dramas in the comic genre have always been successful in entertaining people. One of those sitcoms was Family front which was aired in 1997. The drama was a hit due to the casting of some of the most familiar faces of the 90s including Naseem Vicky, Samina Ahmad, Saba Hameed. The show crossed the limits of decent humor as it covered all the comic elements. 


As per several opinions, Shashlik was among the popular and humorous Tv series of Pakistan. The drama was believed to be the perfect depiction of fun due to the content. It had elegance in its comedy and was full of positive energy.

Most significantly, the show portrayed a typical family and their emblematic problems of life in a funny sort of way.

These dramas had a way to drag the audience into the setting and sequencing of the show. The funny thing about these shows was the audience’s attraction towards the serials. Most of the people couldn’t feel any charm in their lives without such entertainment.

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