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Pakistani Elections: Our Innocent Reasons to Vote!

Elections are nothing less than a festival in Pakistan. Public gatherings with music and food, the famous showering of flowers on one’s favorite candidate and presenting interesting riddles in front of the innocent public of Pakistan. These are some key features of our elections we see in general elections as well as by-elections in every single constituency.

Pakistanis are innocent people and they mostly not vote for the reasons claimed by the media. So today I would like to talk about some real and of course innocent reasons we Pakistanis vote for.

Because Papa Said So!

A Pakistani can vote at the age of 18 years since he or she is considered an adult by then. But does our society allow someone to do what they want? At that age mostly parents are guiding the life choices of children to every detail. A child has a hairstyle which their Mama approves. They can only express the things which Papa approves. They may be presenting themselves as the coolest person on social media but the vote is always for Papa’s political candidate. One may have “mah lyf mah rulz” going on but Papa rules the vote.

Vote for Community

If Pino and Nino are contesting an election and you are a Nino then you will vote for Nino. Pino is a highly educated person with a reputation that everyone who knows him will confide in him for the security of their wealth and respect. While on the other hand, Nino is a person who will kill your chicken and make a biryani with it and will say that he can do whatever he wants to since he is a Nino and nobody messes with a Nino. In short it is quite evident that Nino is not a good person but you will still vote for Nino because he is from your community and you don’t mind voting for him whether he eats your chicken or your tax money.

Pakistani Elections: Our Innocent Reasons to Vote!Delicious Biryani During the Campaign!

We love food and it is one thing with which we are more loyal than anything else. Food is also a very important part of election campaigns in Pakistan. From biryani to naans filled with minced meat there is a lot of variety served to the voters. And we will vote the person whose biryani tasted the best. To hell with good governance, education, health and employment, biryani is what matters.

Hail Nepotism!

If Papa was a leader, the son or daughter should be a leader. The other candidates could be competent; they may deserve the position too but guess what, their Papa was not a well-known person. So they shouldn’t try to come into politics to do well for their country. The leader’s son is supposed to be the leader. It is not like you will come and we will vote for you.

Sympathy is in Our Blood:

Politics undoubtedly comes with a lot of dangers and many a times the involved candidates have experienced such tragedies. People can be massacred, kidnapped and pressurized. Since we have soft hearts, we will vote for the wronged candidate or his nominee if something fatal happens to him or her. We won’t see whether him winning a seat will cause harm to the country’s progress or is he competent enough to do something for us. We will only see that he is currently wronged and will try to soothe his problems with our votes.

So this proves how innocent we are at least politically and from the looks of things we will keep on proving this innocence for a very long time to come!

Author - Pakeeza Dar

Pakeeza Dar is a physiotherapy student and a writer. She can write on different topics with special interests in Politics, Entertainment & Fashion.

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