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About Projects of Pakistani Entrepreneurs Who Got Listed as Forbes 30 Under 30

Forbes has released the list of entrepreneurs and game-changers from 23 countries of Asia who proved their aptitude in various fields of expertise. From technological innovation to social entrepreneurship, and from healthcare and science to the arts, Pakistani entreprenurs have also made themselves and their country proud.

This year’s 30 Under 30 has listed five young Pakistani Entrepreneurs, for their creative and bold minds. These Pakistani Entrepreneurs have come up with more interesting ideas than those listed under Forbes 30 under 30 back in 2017. They are providing water to rural areas to clean water solution, from making parents aware about their kids’education to board games that talk about social issues.

According to Forbes each young individual was heavily researched by the reporters and vetted by top class judges to ensure transparency and fairness.

What Is So Special about the Projects of These Pakistani Entrepreneurs

Well, all these Pakistani entrepreneurs have come up with projects which are not simply businesses for profit but also initiatives that can help make a real change in the society.

Tayaba- A Solution to Water Crisis by Bilal Bin Saqib, 29

Young Pakistani Entrepreneur Bilal bin Saqib co-founder of Tayaba, aimed to provide solution to water crisis in Pakistan. He has initiated “water on wheels” project which helps Pakistani rural women and children to reduce the burden to transport water from source to home. The wheel is a plastic drum which enables users to carry 40 liters of water; it comes with an attached metal handle which is used for pushing the drum.

According to the start-up co-founder more than 5,500 H2O wheels have been distributed across the country.

Board Game to Spread Awareness by Nashra Balagamwala

Nashra Balagamwala a Pakistani entrepreneur who designed a board game to raise awareness about arranged marriage and its social challenges. Her work involves the critical exploration of taboo subjects and transforming of controversial ideas into games. Currently Balagamwala is working on how peace can be achieved through dialogue between India and Pakistan.

Nashra graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design and worked in New York. She is currently enrolled in a master’s degree program at Harvard University.

Orenda by Zunaira and Co.

Orenda is an educational app known as taleemabad that uses animated cartoons to teach the children of slums and rural communities. This app is founded by three young and energetic Pakistani entrepreneurs named Zunaira Arshad, Nauman Bukhari and Haroon Yasin. Orenda is an offline learning solution which is pre-loaded with all content to support the children in areas with no internet access. The cofounder and CEO of Orenda Haroon Yasin received the Queen’s Young Leaders Award from the Queen of England in 2018 for his work to promote education in Pakistan.

PakVitae by Arslan Ahmad and Co

PakVitae is a start-up founded by trio Arslan Ahmad, Shayan Sohail and Hafiz Usama Tanveer. This project by the young Pakistani entrepreneurs  aims to provide clean drinking water in developing countries. They developed a low-cost, membrane-based solution that requires no electricity or chemical cleaning. This membrane can be used as a filter attached to a faucet and it can clean the water-borne bacteria, viruses and contaminants.

The PakVitae team has helped about 10,000 people to the date and it is planning to expand its solution into India, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh as well as African countries. PakVitae team has also won the regional Hult Prize back in 2018 for conceptualizing ideas to sustainably solve global social challenges.

Queno by Farida Kanwal Mughal and Co

Queno is an app that provides parents with a mechanism to track the progress of their children at school and monitor daily task updates, with a single touch of a finger. This app is founded by two young Pakistani Entrepreneurs Farida Kanwal Mughal and Muhammad Zubair. The Queno app has signed up more than 45 schools in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. This start-up was first incubated at The Nest I/O, by the Pakistani software industry and also was a winner of GSMA Hackathon Barcelona, Spain

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