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Fans Are Trolling Pakistani Film 50 Crore For Copying Money Heist

A new Pakistani film 50 Crore is in development with multiple top performers of the country. There are no reports regarding the release date, at the time. While details about the film are still a mystery, these are the related images that appear to be a recreation of a local Money Heist, a popular Spanish show on Netflix.

From the images, it seemed like a dramatic action-thriller centered on a robbery of some sort. It immediately brought attention towards a famous Spanish robbery saga on Netflix. Film and drama fans on social media declared it Pakistani Money Heist. 

Does Pakistani Film 50 Crore Look Like A Desi Version Of Money Heist?

The star studded cast of the film includes Faisal Qureshi, Aijaz Aslam, Mehmood Aslam, Faryal Mahmood, Saboor Ali, Zalay Sarhadi, Asad Siddiqui, Anoushey Abbasi, Noman Habib, Umer Shehzad, and Naveed Raza. The audience will get to see them in a new avatar this time.

The brief look of the movie shows that their characters will also have names of Pakistani cities.

Money Heist Or Funny Heist?

The released images had an uncanny resemblance to the popular Netflix shows which the audience could not deny. The outfits were probably more similar to Orange is The New Black but the theme looked like Money Heist.

Social media users who came across these images percieved them nothing more than food for trolls.

They also commented about how the characters were also inspired by the original. It seemed that they did not like how the plagiarism was done.

Daraz is a popular online shopping website which is also notorious for scams. Recently, some kids received an empty box after ordering a drone from Daraz.

Trolls did not forget to point out a little spelling mistake on a huge information piece. The film misspelled a main character’s name and did not correct it before the final take; a practice which is common.

The film also led many to wonder what type of Bank the crew will visit in Pakistan. The questionable performance of finance sector in Pakistan will doubtfully result in an entertaining heist. According to majority of customers, the servers of private banks are usually not working.

Some opined that it was ok to make a copy but the film must be realistic about a bank robbery. They joked that all banks have been depleted by the corrupt governance and there’s nothing left to steal now.

How Amir Liaquat would have looked in the role of most hated character?

Those who follow Money Heist are aware of what the show stands for. Therefore, they opined that it is impossible to implement that kind of vision in Pakistan. They also predict that the confused society of Pakistan would panic if Pakistani Money Heist gave the same messages as the original one. 

While others did not bother about public judgment and decided to support after it finally gets released.

The film will most probably release next year after Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad hits the screens in December 2020.

Aijaz Aslam Responds To The Speculation

The actor who would be playing ‘Rahim Yar Khan’ denied the allegations of plagiarism and appealed the audience to wait and watch the spectacle. He affirmed that the team has tried this experiment for the first time, to change what has been playing at the theatre for so long.
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