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Pakistani Flight Attendant Sues American Airlines

A Pakistani flight attendant has filed a lawsuit, suing American Airlines for harassment and discrimination reasons.

The Pakistan flight attendant was called a terrorist and the member of Hezbollah or Taliban by one of his co-workers. Another flight attendant tried to convert his faith to Christianity.

Pakistani Flight Attendant Discriminating Case Under Investigation

Some news sources report that discrimination against the Pakistani flight attendant is under investigation by the American Airlines. The reports suggest that American Airlines is taking a tough stance against discrimination.

Farkhan Mahmood Shah is working as a flight attendant with the American Airlines since 1999. He first reported being harassed back in 2008. As a result, he faced retaliation when he had noticed incorrect attendance record of his co-worker and coming late to work in 2013.

A casual discussion between Farkhan Mahmood Shah and his colleague on September 11 attacks became a debate when the co-worker referred to Muslims as the evil. Shah rsaid that some people also claim 9/11 is an inside job, and CIA was behind ISIS.

Farkhan Mahmood Shah got in deep trouble because of his controversial remarks. He got reported to his Supervisors, and American Airlines placed him on a watch list.

Mr. Shah also alleges that FBI had paid a visit to his home in New Jersey. He has not got any resolution on his assessment case. He went to several HR representatives in the company. Shah’s has his complaint submitted to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in 2016.

Farkhan Mahmood Shah is seeking damages, relief funds, and attorney fees.

Donald Trump’s Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

Pakistani Flight Attendant Sues American AirlinesMuslims have seen tougher times ever since Donald Trump became the US President. Trump’s Executive Order to temporarily bar travelers from Muslim-majority countries to enter into the US was highly controversial. However, he did not get the kind of support he anticipated. A US court overturned Trump’s Executive Order.

A Trump Supporter assaulted a Muslim Woman at the JFK Airport. Similarly, Trump is focusing on the Islamic Terrorism. He even changed the name of “Countering Violent Extremism” program to “Countering Islamic Terrorism.”

Airlines are lately in the news for all the wrong reasons. A United Airlines flight kicked off a passenger a few weeks ago because of overbooking. Similarly, a couple going for their wedding ceremony was taken off the flight because of a seat booking confusion.

Consequently, discrimination against an employee because of their religion is a test case for American Airlines. The way American Airlines takes up this case will set a precedent for other airlines to follow.

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