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Did These Pakistani Half Siblings Marry Each Other to Punish Their Father?

According to reports, a man named Sooba Khan in Sargodha filed a strange police report. He alleged that his children had married each other upon instruction from one of his ex-wives. Sooba Khan has been married for the third time and was traumatized over the shocking revelation. He alleged that half siblings, Sikander and Zara were in a sexual relationship, who got married after being exposed. Reportedly, some family members were also present at the event despite knowing that the couple getting married share a same father.

Relation of Half Siblings Who Got Married

The father told the media that Zara is from his second wife and Sikander is from his first wife, Khursheed Bibi. Sooba divorced his first wife shortly after the birth of Sikander. The reason of divorce was that Sooba’s sister was married in the same family as Sooba’s first wife. Such marriage is called Watta-Satta in Pakistan, which involves the weird tradition of marrying brother or sister of the groom or bride in the same family. Due to influence from this tradition, Sooba also divorced his first wife in return for his sister’s divorce.

Sooba has also divorced his second wife (mother of Zara) and married a third woman, which he currently lives with. He said that he found about the marriage after 5 months through a WhatsApp chat, in which someone sent him the marriage certificate with the couple’s signature.

How did this marriage happen?

Sooba alleged that his first wife Khursheed Bibi orchestrated the whole scenario to take revenge for the injustice he caused her. He also added that Khursheed was proudly boasting about encouraging the couple to take this step to punish the feebleness of their father.

Sooba nominated a number of relatives in police report and the police registered at least 10 suspects under Sooba’s complaint. 

What will Police Do?

Despite the lack of implantation, Pakistan does have some laws against adultery and rape. However, there is no law against the case of incest. Which is why it begs the question what will police do with the filed complaints?

The truth about incest like these half-siblings is gradually taking precedence in Pakistani society but the lawmakers have yet to criminalize the shameful act.

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