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Pakistani Model’s Photoshoot at Kartarpur Gurdwara Outrages Sikh Community

Photographs of modeling at Kartarpur Gurdwara have enraged the Sikh community, which condemned the development as offensive and insensitive behavior. Pakistani brand Mannat clothing received heavy backlash because the model was wearing its apparel.

Sikh leaders have called out the Government of Pakistan and Prime Minister Imran to take action against the responsible parties.

Shoot at Kartarpur Gurdwara Hurts Sikh Sentiments

Pakistan government initiated an investigation after Indian Sikh independent journalist, Ravinder Singh Robin criticized the photos. He said that the “bare-headed” Lahorite woman modeling at Gurdwara Darbar Sahib in Kartarpur has hurt the religious sentiments of Sikhs.

In response to his tweet, Pakistan’s Punjab Chief Minister’s Focal Person for Digital Media, Azhar Mashwani said that the matter had been forwarded to the concerned authorities for legal action. Then Punjab Police also responded by saying that the brand and model involved were being investigated.

Pakistan’s Federal Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Fawad Chaudhry tweeted that the model and the brand must apologize because Kartarpur Gurdwara was a place of worship and not a film set.

Apology from Brand

The brand in question, Mannat clothing apologized on Instagram by saying that they did not participate in any of the viral photoshoots on social media. It claimed that a third-party blogger sent them those photos, in which she was wearing their products. However, the pictures were also posted on the brand’s account, for which they apologized to everyone affected by the Kartarpur Gurdwara incident.

Apology from Blogger

The said blogger also apologized for posting the image on social media. She said that the pictures she posted were not part of any photo shoot. The model explained that she went to Kartarpur Gurdwara and everybody was taking pictures. So, she also randomly thought to take some pictures as a cherished memory. She further said that she respected the Sikh community and did not intend to hurt their sentiments. The blogger also assured that in the future she will be careful about repeating such acts.

Previously, Pakistani actress Saba Qamar and Singer Bilal Saeed have also apologized for shooting a video song inside Mosque after receiving serious backlash. The teaser of the song ‘Qubool Hai’ was initially praised by the public because they were not sure if it was a song or the wedding announcement of the artists.

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