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76 Years Old Pakistani Man Taking Admission in Bachelors Is An Inspiration

A 76-year-old man from Malakand, from KP province of Pakistan, got admission in Bachelors program after completing his intermediate earlier this year. Impressed by his spirit and determination to pursue the education this year, the vice-chancellor (VC) of the Malakand University waived off his fees and announced to bear all of his educational and personal expenses.

Who Is this 76 Years old Pakistani Man

Syed Muhammad Khan was an Islamiat teacher in a public school before retiring in 2004. He said he taught in a school for 60 years after completing Matric in 1962. However due to severe financial crises he was unable to study further. He mentioned that he was always interested in education so he did FA in 2020 when he got a chance and now he wanted to do BA.

He is widowed and has four daughters. He has also helped his daughters get education from primary to postgraduate and now he is in the pursuit of his own education. He has expressed his will to do a Master’s after BA.

Public Felt Inspired By The Old Man

This old Pakistani man whose name is Muhammad Khan Baba has definitely exhibited the importance of education in life. Even after spending 76 years on earth he might have felt undone which could only be because of an incomplete education. It is a reflective moment for those who think mankind cannot learn after a certain age.

He was seen as an inspiration by social media users and some students were wondering how thrilling would it be to share classroom with him. Young students can learn so much from a determined individual like him.

A local media of KP reported this inspiring tale of an old Pakistani man pursuing education after 16 years. Khan baba and VC of Malakand University mentioned their excitement in Pashtun language. He said he approached the VC with a confident attitude and requested admission. VC was also happy with this amazing but rare display of passion for gaining education.

Pakistan Needs More Men Like This

In a society where men are expected to complete their education before certain age limit and start earning for their (huge) families, the value of education gets diminished along the way. Particular fears and cruel expectations often lead students to take education for granted only.

However this old man is among few of those passionate people who continue to break stereotypes and make a difference through outstanding life choices. Earlier this year, an old celebrity couple also broke barriers by marrying each other.

Pakistan definitely needs more men like this Khan baba who can set examples for others who are going on a destructive path. Only education and learning how to learn can put them on a right one.

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