Pakistani Soldier’s Response To Indian Soldier Video



In an apparent response to Indian soldier video, a Pakistani soldier uploaded his video. Here is a transcript of what the Pakistani soldier said in his video.

I am a soldier of Pakistan Army, and at this time, I am performing my duties on the Kashmir Front. A few days ago, I was shocked to hear the interview of Indian army soldiers. Only a soldier can understand the difficulties of another soldier.

The purpose of my video is not to dishearten anyone. By the grace of Almighty Allah, I am proud to be a Pakistani. And by making this video, I want to give my message to the world to understand the difference between Pakistan Army and Indian Army. And decide for yourself who the so-called claimants of the surgical strike are in reality.

Today, I want to show you my food provided to me by my unit in this snowy weather. In my menu, we have today “Chaney ka Salan (Grams),” “Halwa (Sweets),” “Anday (Eggs),” and “Garam Paratha (Hot flatbread)” sent to me in a hot case. We also have a tea thermos for the four of us soldiers in one post.

I feel proud to tell that our senior commanders make sure that they feed us even better food than what we get in our homes. I want to request my senior commander that as a soldier we should be given the permission to share some of our food from our food allowance with the soldiers across the border. Or, we should be ordered to go across the border and show a practical demonstration of conducting surgical strikes.

And at the end, I feel sorry to say that a few days ago a poor Indian soldier shared his feelings and the authorities disappeared him in such a manner that his wife is waiting for him until today.

Long Live Pakistan Army, Forever Live Pakistan

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The soldier posted this video in response to another video by an Indian army soldier. In that video, that poor Indian soldier had complained about the quality of food offered to them in a harsh winter weather.