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Pakistani Voters Are Making It Difficult For Leaders to Visit Constituencies

It is the busiest season for politicians in Pakistan as general elections 2018 are around the corner. Leaders have carved up new mighty promises to lure the voters. But, it seems that things are not going to be easy this time as politicians are facing angry young Pakistani voters who are more aware of the political scene, due to social media.

Pakistani Voters Making Politicians Accountable

As politicians have started showing up for begging the votes the public is now holding them accountable and asking them what good they have done for the betterment of the community. And, how often they have stood in assemblies to talk about some public issues. Interestingly, these are the veteran politicians from Southern Punjab, Interior Sindh and Karachi who are facing the harsh public scrutiny. The growing public awareness about their rights and politicians’ duties is one of the few things to determine how general elections 2018 will decide the fate of Pakistan.

Here are few examples of Pakistani voters questioning the candidates in their constituencies.

Jemal Leghari From Dera Ghazi Khan Faces Young Voter

The first incident of its kind surfaced when Jamal Leghari from Dera Ghazi Khan faced a young voter who asked the candidate what he had done during his five-year tenure.

In response to the young voter’s question, Jemal Laghari who is the cousin of Awais Leghari PML-N candidate contesting against Zartaj Gul Wazir of PTI said: “You are showing attitude for one vote that you are giving to the head of your clan.”  The encounter that was captured on camera later went viral on social media. And, it gave courage to the people from other constituencies as well.

Farooq Sattar Facing Angry Voters

Another prominent politician who made headlines for facing the voter’s anger is Farooq Sattar from MQM-P (Muttahida Qaumi Movement- Pakistan). It was during the Friday prayers on June 29 in Liyari, when disgruntled voters complained him for not solving the public’s issues during his tenure.

A complainant reportedly asked Sattar, “You have been snatching animal hides from last 25 years, and now you have come here to ask for votes.”

Ex-Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah Facing Voters’ Complaints

Another mainstream politician who faced the wrath of voters is Ex-Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah from Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). The politician was visiting his constituency in Sehwan when the disgruntled question asked him where he was during his five years tenure. The public also made the videos of the incident. One person asked the former CM Sindh, “one of her villagers has died while pleading for the job his son.”

It seems that Murad Ali Shah couldn’t bear the direct criticism from the public as he reportedly threatened the video makers to throw out their mobiles reportedly.

A former PPP MPA Khursheed Junejo who also contested for the same seat also faced the anger of voters, while he was trying to appease them with traditional slogans.

Prominent PML-N Leaders Facing the Voters’ Ire

Apart from this, other prominent leaders who faced the hard questions from voters include PML-N bigwigs Rana Afzal Khan, Khurram Dastgir and Zahid Hamid.

This time Pakistani voters are asking the political candidates what good they had done for the people and where they had been from the last five years of their tenure. Critics and analysts are crediting the social media activism for such a change which is making voters more aware of their rights and political scenes on them.

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