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Who Is Pakistani Footballer Karishma Ali and What Are Her Contributions

The new rising sensation Pakistani Footballer Karishma Ali is becoming popular on a global level due to her achievements in sports. She is one of those hardworking Pakistani women who are going against the odds to make extraordinary achievements in the walks of life that are usually no go area for them for being in a conservative society.

Why Pakistani footballer Karishma Ali is Becoming So Popular among Nation

Karishma Ali is a Pakistani footballer and the only girl from Chitral, who has successfully made her country proud by representing it on both national and international level. 2019 became her special year when Forbes 30 under 30 counted her in the Asia list. Forbes 30 under 30 is a list that Forbes magazine initiates annually. The list comprises of special, innovative, and creative entrepreneurs; among which, Karishma is now listed too. This is one of the reasons behind the public’s appreciation for her. 

It can be predicted that Karishma might be counted among the top and famous football players in the world if she continues to achieve the goals she desires for her country. 

Her Work for the Girls of Impoverished Chitral

Karishma Ali is believed to be a person with firm dedication towards achieving her goals. She led the foundation of the Chitral women’s sports club. The club is specially formed in order to give football-training sessions along and guiding in other sports to the women of the area. The impressive part is that over 60 girls and women are given privileges to attain the training.  

Karishma has an eye for innovating female sports, as she is aspiring to develop an exchange program that will allow girls to play for a football club in Islamabad. Her work is as aspiring as projects of other Pakistanis listed in 30 under 30 by Forbes. Her efforts reveal her urge for making women successful in the country since she is also known as the founder of Women’s Handicrafts Center. 

Pakistani Footballer Karishma has become an inspiration for the young generation due to her dedication to her profession. She has not only achieved the rank in international sports but also grasped the love and support of the Pakistani public. They congratulated her and wished her good luck to prosper in the field. 

Achievements and Accomplishments of Karishma Ali

Karishma is only 21 and has a degree in business and management from the University of London. According to media reports, she revealed her passion for football at an early age. She shaped her passion into a profession when she attained professional football training at the age of 15. Despite this, she played nationally and internationally at the age when most of the people are trying to decide their plans for the future. 

Pakistani Footballer Karishma Ali participated in Jubilee Games in Dubai and won a silver medal. Moreover, her achievements also include her participation in the Australian Football League International Cup in 2017, as a part of the very first women’s team. 

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