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Pakistanis’ Google Search for People in 2018 Followed A Strange Pattern

The year 2018 is wrapping up and internet is revealing top search trends that reflected what remained a talk of the town. Recently, the list of top 10 people that appeared the most in Pakistanis’ Google search surfaced and it seems a bit strange. While most of these names are a result of trending news, there are some unexpected entries as well.

Surprisingly, the list is entirely different from the last year’s most searched people on Google by Pakistanis

Top 10 People in Pakistanis’ Google Search

Lets’ take a look at these names.

Bushra Maneka

Well, this name was not unexpected. Everyone was interested in knowing who was Bushra Maneka after the news of Imran Khan’s third marriage broke out. Also, after Imran Khan became Prime Minister, people started searching more about Bushra Maneka who is now the first lady of Pakistan.

Meghan Markle

Again the reason for Meghan Markle to be the top trend in Pakistanis’ Google search is quite obvious. It was Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding that sparked the curiosity of the folks and they started looking about the past and present of the woman who was going to be in royal palace. 

It is to be noted that people’s interest in Meghan Markle is not merely due to her status as a new member of royal family, it is also because her once being part of an American season Suites which is quite popular in Pakistan.

Later it was Meghan Markle’s pregnancy news that took over the Twitter. So, you see there were multiple reasons why she remained on top.

Meesha Shafi

Meesha Shafi made headlines after she spoke about being sexually harassed by fellow singer Ali Zafar, While, Ali has denied the allegations Meesha has emerged as first Pakistani showbiz person to spark #MeToo movement in Pakistan.

Reham Khan

Reham Khan, the ex-wife of PM Imran Khan made news after she released her so racy autobiography that was perceived as an aim to tarnish Imran Khan’s image by exposing what was going inside of Bani Gala.

Sylvestor Stallone

There is no lack of Sylvester Stallone fans in Pakistan. But, it was surprising to know that Pakistanis loved the Guradians of Galaxy star this much that he remained a trending search. Well, we can say that Stallone is the entry responsible for the strange pattern of list we are discussing right now.

Sonali Bendre

There doesn’t seem so many reasons for Sonali Bendre to be in the list of top 10 people who made to Pakistanis’ Google Search. Maybe, it was because hit superstar of Bollywood had made news because of her struggle with cancer.

Atif Mian

Well, this was not an unexpected name at all. It was contoversial reomval of Atif Mian from Economic Advisory Council, merely on the basis of his religious believes that made people search about him.

Hanif Abbasi

Hanif Abbasi is again a strange name. Of course there were many reasons for pml-n politician to remain in limelight, like cases against him and his going to jail just before elections 2018, but still no one expected him to be searched more than Khaqan Abbasi, Nawaz Sharif or Maryam Nawaz, politicians who remained in news for almost same reasons.

Iqra Aziz

No Pakistani Dramas fan could resist searching about Iqra Aziz after her drama Suno Chanda became a sensation. Her play where she appeared opposite to Farhan Saeed was a massive hit. Apart from Suno Chanda, Iqra remained in news for her shocking transformation as well.

Sunny Leone

It is interested to note that people know Sunny Leone even if they haven’t watched her work. Well, there doesn’t seem any interesting reason for her being on number 10 in Google search by Pakistanis, because we were expecting Mia Khalifa after her admission application in University of Sargodha went viral.

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