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Navjot Singh Sidhu Gets Warm Welcome from Pakistanis

Ex-Indian cricketer and minister Navjot Singh Sidhu has arrived in Pakistan to attend Imran Khan’s oath-taking ceremony which is scheduled on 18th August. He reached Pakistan via Wahga border.

Navjot Singh Sidhu In Pakistani

Navjot Singh arrived in Lahore on Friday, 17th August, the day when newly elected MNAs of Pakistan’s 15th national assembly will vote for the new Prime Minister. While talking to media in Lahore, Mr. Sidhu shared his feelings for Imran Kahn who is going to be the next PM as his party has won majority seats in NA as a result of elections 2018.

In his press conference, Sidhu talked about Imran Khan’s leadership skills, and he used to manage a good performance even when his team was in bad times, during his cricketing career. Indian politician also told media that he didn’t visit Pakistan as a political person but came as a messenger of love and peace.

During his presser, he spoke most of the times in Punjabi and also dedicated few poetic verses to Khan in the same language. Sidhu is one of those Indian cricketers whom Imran Khan invited to Pakistan in his oath-taking ceremony.

A Warm Welcome from Pakistanis

Sidhu who is already popular among Pakistanis for his appearances in Kapil Sharma’s show amassed a vast appraise from the people of his guest country. Soon after his press conference with media went on-air Twitterati started pouring its heart for showing such a warm attitude and for the gesture of love that he exhibited.

Here is how Pakistanis welcomed the esteemed Indian guest who brought with him the message of peace, love, and friendship.

They Praised His Poetry

Navjot Singh Sidhu was popular in Comedy Nights with Kapil for using poetry to praise the guests of the show. The man used the same style to praise Imran Khan. It was the message of peace, love, and good wishes for the new government that won him hearts of Pakistanis. Further, it was speaking Punjabi during his media press conference that let people recognize how much they were similar to each other and how much it was necessary to get away with hatred. Sidhu’s visit to Pakistan on such a momentous occasion will indeed help to bring both countries closer. And, it may also open the doors for collaboration in the field of arts, science, literature, and sports, increasing the chances of peace between two neighboring countries who have a history of conflict with each other.

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