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Pamela Anderson Speaks For France’s Violent Protestors Yellow Vests

Violent french protests by Yellow vests have brought a comrade out of famous model and actress Pamela Anderson. In her tweet, Pamela robustly defended Yellow Vests who are blocking roads, burning vehicles and damaging property to protest against President Macron’s policy of tax on gas.

Pamela Anderson on Yellow Vest Protests in France

Pamela Anderson who rose to fame after being featured on Playboy magazine came up in defense protesters by criticizing the policies of the government. In her tweet on French riots, Pamela not only called upon French government but also global elite.

She also emphasized on questioning the causes of these riots instead of being absorbed by images of burning vehicles and properties.

In later tweets Pamela went on to talk about the fundamental reasons for this protests. She stated that it came from the rising tensions between ruling elite and the rural poor.

Pamela then goes on to comment on the situation just like a political scientist and asks if these protests can turn into a constructive force and if progressives from France and rest of the world can come together to form an egalitarian society.

Is Pamela Right to Spot the Causes of These Protests

So Pamela thinks that the cause of yellow vest riots in France is a struggle for egalitarian society and all those who are burning down vehicles, causing damage to property, blocking roads and making businesses lose revenue are in fact progressives whose disobedience needs to be utilized for some constructive output. It is to be noted that protests have reportedly left hundreds of people injured and four dead.

But the basic reason behind Yellow Vest protests is not a struggle for an egalitarian society but hike in gas prices, in an attempt to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. According to media reports the rural population in France is more affected by rise in gas prices for their reliance on cars than citizens living in urban centers. Therefore Pamela’s opinion that protests in France are a struggle for an egaliterian society in doesn’t seem much sound.

Dissatisfaction on Emanuel Macron’s Policies

Pamela Anderson might be right in her observation up to a certain extent because the rage of protesters has also shifted from the issue of rise in gas prices to slow economic growth in rural areas. According to media reports, President Emanuel who doesn’t have staunch political support from the masses is heavily criticized for his government’s economic policies which are limiting growth to urban centers and feeling rural France left-out.

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