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Panama Case Split Decision – SC Orders to Form JIT

The wait is finally over. The day anticipated by millions in the country as one of the biggest in the history has arrived. Pakistan’s highest court, Supreme Court of Pakistan gave a Panama case split decision. Two of the judges gave the verdict against the PM while three other judges provided an opinion of forming a JIT.

The Hustle and Bustle in the Court Room

Panama Case Split Decision - Order To Form JITIn Supreme Court Premises,No 1 was crowded with people from all walks of life. Politicians from the opposition parties were present there. PML (N)’s leadership was present in big numbers. The room was also filled with supports of the ruling party in big numbers. The loud noises in the courtroom made it tough to listen to the decision.

The Suspense and Hype of Media

There was no certainty about what will happen in the future. People remained glued to their TV screens to see late night political talk shows. Many anchor persons came up with their version of the possible of the decision. Many TV channels in Pakistan (rightly so) went to the legal experts to get their advice.

The Verdict and Panama Case Split Decision

The decision as expected by many legal experts in Pakistan was in between a clean-chit and disqualification. The court ordered the formation of Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to probe the allegations against the Prime Minster and his family.

Time Allotted to JIT

The Joint Investigation is given two months to complete its probe into the PM, his sons Hassan and Hussain, and SC has directed them to appear about the JIT.

To keep track of the JIT’s progress, it will have to give a bi-weekly report to a special bench of the Supreme Court.

Constitution of the JIT for Panama Case

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered to constitute a JIT with representatives from MI, ISI, FIA, State Bank of Pakistan, SECP, and NAB.

Supreme Court Observations in the Panama Case Split Decision

The honorable court gave the following remarks.

  • Chairman NAB was unable to play his role in the case.
  • It needs to be investigated how was money transferred to Qatar.
  • The decision is a very lengthy judgment consisting of 540 pages.
  • The two distinguished judges Justice Gulzar and Justice Khosa were for disqualifying the PM Nawaz Sharif.

PML (N)’s Reaction to Panama Split Decision

The Railway Minister Khawaja Saeed Rafique said that every party including Siraj ul Haq and Imran Khan should now respect the decision of the honorable court. He also added that his party would cooperate with the JIT and keep on respecting the decision of the honorable court.

On Panama case hearing, Ahsan Iqbal said that split decision proved that PTI was in the minority and PML (N) was in the majority.

Khawaja Asif stated that SC court had decided what PM Nawaz Sharif had suggested six months ago to make a commission to investigate the matter.

PTI to Panama Split Decision

PTI took the decision positively and said that the JIT would further probe the matter. Imran Khan urged the PM to step down after two judges gave their verdict against the Prime Minister.

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