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Its All A Setup Says John Schnatter Former CEO of Papa John’s

 John Schnatter, the founder of Papa Johns, finally responded to all the allegations against him in an interview.

I Did Not Say That” Papa Johns Founder John Schnatter

Papa Johns founder and Ex- ceo John Schnatter, while talking to a media representative, rebuked all the racist allegations placed on him and vowed revenge on all those who started the rumor. According to Schnatter, all the problems began with a single mock call that was meant for employee training only. During the call, John used the N-word and said other racist things.

This call later got leaked, and so began the journey on the troublesome road. “I’m shocked at what has happened. The people I loved so much and made them into millionaires have stabbed me in such a gruesome manner” said Schnatter in his interview with media.

Greed Gets The Best Of Us

“I know for a fact that it was greed that motivates them into doing what they did, “he added. The company started in 1984 from a small broom closet of a bar that slowly blossomed into the third-largest pizza chain in terms of revenu with multiple branches around the world.

Since the incident, a majority of endorsement partners have stopped working with the company. To prevent the company’s image from further deterioration, John was asked to resign as the company’s CEO and later was asked to relinquish his chairmanship of the company’s board.

I Won’t Let Them Destroy It

“I kept quiet to preserve the integrity of the company because I love it, it’s my brainchild, and I won’t let them destroy it, “said Schnatter. Since the founder’s exit, the company has taken a big hit not only that the employees who Schnatter considers the heart and soul of the company are miserable. A vast majority of the company’s executives have resigned out of frustration.

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