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Pari Trailer Reveals A lot About Pakistan’s First Horror Film

Pari, Pakistan’s first horror movie of its kind will hit cinemas on February 2 of this year. The film’s trailer is out revealing much about the storyline. Pari is debut film of professional drama director Atif Ali. It is just another series of experiments that Pakistani cinema is making for its revival.

Pakistan has got a massive audience for horror movies. A fresh story, presented in the apparel of local traditions, as the trailer of Pari shows, might be a substantial contribution to Pakistani film industry.

What Does Trailer Reveal?

The noteworthy dialogue in the film is, Mujhey to Weshat Ho Rahi Hai Is Sukoon Se (This peace is haunting me), by Fiza Ali. The story seemingly takes place in a big bungalow that probably has remained empty for a long time. One can predict that people in the house either deliberately or mistakenly choose a haunted place. They face troublesome when a horrifying ghost of some stray spirit disturbs them.


Who is the ghost, what is his story, how he haunts the residents and who wins the war at the end is a matter of curiosity? If the audience is interested in knowing the truth, like Qavi Khan who is seen in trailer saying, ‘Tell me the Truth’, then they would make their way to cinemas.

Is Pari Visually Appealing?

Apart from the story, visuals and sound effects matter a lot in the horror film. The trailer of the Pari shows that movie has not made an extraordinary demand in this regard. But, it has got something to fulfill the requirements of a horror film. A pleasant surprise about the film is its soundtrack; it might back the human emotions if they appear fake in case of not so impressive story. Those who are addicted to horror movies of Hollywood may see a surprise in the form of Pari.

Can Pari Bolster the Pakistani Cinema?

The year 2017 has not remained much encouraging for Pakistani film industry. It only gave two big hits in the form of Punjab Nahin Jauon Gi and Na Maloom Afrad 2. Last movies of the year, Arth, and Rangreiza also failed to impress the audience despite a mega budget. Recently, released films Parchi and Chupan Chupai are expected to perform well, at the box office; most of these have potential to be the top comedy movies in the country.

Pari is unique for contributing to the relatively new genre in Pakistan. All these movies are not sufficient for achieving the renaissance of Pakistani Film Industry. But their role is crucial in making Pakistani cinema to restore its glory.

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