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Paris Bakery Explosion-Here is What Happened

In an already agitated environment due to yellow vest protests, another bad news hit France in the form of Paris bakery explosion. According to media reports that stated passersby saying that they were going about their daily lives when they heard a sudden explosion that shattered windows.

Reason behind Paris Bakery Explosion

 Upon inquiry by media, the owner of the bakery Hubert Beatrix told that he was in a state of shock and didn’t understand how such an explosion could occur   as all his ovens were electric and whatever gas that was used could not cause such an explosion as it was just used for heating.

The people reportedly called the fire department at about 9 in the morning when they received complaints from locals about a gas leak.

Fire fighters were dispatched to check it out and moments later an explosion occurred in one of the apartments that severally damaged the apartment above it and a bakery below it. Remy  Heits the Paris Public Prosecutor said that an investigation has been launched to find out the true cause  of the explosion and all the necessary actions were being taken

How Many People Injured and Died in Paris Bakery Explosion

According to the authorities there are at least 47 injured and out of whom 10 are considered to be in a critical state and are  being treated accordingly

The blast could be felt at least a 100 meters way and caused the death of at least 4 people two of whom were fire fighter and one  was Spanish tourist .

How People Reacted to Paris Tragedy

An employ who worked in a hotel across from the bakery said that he took the whole event to be a joke. He said that he thought someone had pulled the fire alarm just for fun and joked about it with his colleague. He said he didn’t realize the gravity of the situation until a few moments later when the explosion occurred and all the chaos ensued. Others have have said they are just shocked and confused at what had happened.

Politicians of the world have stood in solidarity with French people. They prayed for the affected and hoped that French people will power on like they always have.

Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell stated in one of her tweets that she deeply regret the tragic death of the victims and prayed for them and their loved ones.

The authorities say they are doing everything they can will get to the bottom of this matter asap.

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