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A Parliament Without Jahangir Tareen Is Like an Ocean Without Shark!

Jahangir Tareen’s petition for reviewing his dismissal from parliament has been rejected by the Supreme court of Pakistan. Tareen is now disqualified till life because he did not clear the doubt of Supreme court regarding his controversial asset.

Jahangir Tareen’s Case Hearing

He was first disqualified in December 2017 and now his petition has also been rejected by the chief justice of Pakistan, Saqib Nisar as he remarked that, Court kept on asking Tareen for the verified answer in his defense but he took a very long time to provide the satisfactory statement.

Mian Nisar also remarked attention to the trend set by the prominent figures of the country that they invest money out of Pakistan although the money should not be taken out of the country but brought into it, so that the economy could attain more stability.

PTI’s Stance Over Tareen’s Disqualification

We all know that Jahangir Tareen is a dear friend of  Imran Khan and he stood for PM Imran Khan when no one else was on his side. Tareen gathered the independent Candidate in the favor of Imran Khan as well. But now the question here is that what would be the verdict of other party members? In an interview, Imran Khan declared last years that if Jahangir Tareen, got disqualified from Cabinet then he will no longer remain in the PTI too. Imran Khan Told that in Naya Pakistan rules will be the same for every person.

This statement was uttered by PM Imran Khan in an interview with Mansoor Ali Khan on Program, To The Point. So Mansoor tweeted this interview as a reminder for Imran Khan.


Comments On Jahangir Tareen’s Lifetime Disqualification

Over Twitter, many important personalities have expressed their opinions regarding Tareen’s lifetime disqualification. They have mentioned this one thing that now it’s Imran Khan’s turn to put Jahangir Tareen out of PTI as well.

Hamid Mir tagged Ahsan Iqbal in his tweet and announced this verdict by Supreme court in a very sarcastic tone.

Ali Khan Tareen’s Reaction

After this news junior Tareen hasn’t posted a single tweet regarding his father’s disqualification. Though he is a really active participant in such discussions and he has always mesmerized everyone with his humorous yet expressive tweeting style. Guess Ali Tareen is upset with this news as the daddy shark is out of the parliament his son will have to maintain the significant name which Tareen’s have in the politics but not like Bilawal Bhutto.

Now we will have to wait and watch the reaction of Imran Khan and his party over this scenario. Will Jahangir Tareen stays in Tehreek e Insaf or after losing the public office he will be kicked out of party’s office as well!

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