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5 Facts to Know about Pasoori from Coke Studio 14

Coke Studio season 14’s track Pasoori by Ali Sethi and Shae Gill has not only touched the hearts of Pakistani fans but made waves across the world. It has been playing on the radio all over the world, from Asia to the Americas to Europe to the Middle East. Ever since its release, it has achieved several milestones and continues to fortify itself in the roots of Pakistan. By now, it has become a regular feature in parties, weddings, restaurants, cars, and even in the heads of listeners who hum it all the time subconsciously. If you are also among them, here are some cool facts to know about this song.

Pasoori Garners More than 100 Million Views on YouTube

Pasoori recently set a new record with 100 million views on YouTube on 9th May, 2022. The song was first published on Coke Studio’s YouTube channel on 7th February 2022, and gained all these views in just 3 months. The team behind the music, including singers, took to social media to thank their fans for making this song a huge success.

Topping Spotify Charts

Before making its mark on Youtube, Pasoori also ruled Spotify for a while. Several posts on social media show that the Punjabi lyrical song was the topmost listened song on Spotify globally. It made it to the first spot in Pakistan, India, and Global Viral 50 and remained in 3rd and 4th position for a few weeks. Music fans also pointed out how this Pakistani song has been playing in the shopping malls of Japan, dance clubs in Sweden, and all over India and Bangladesh. It was also in the top 20 on Singapore Spotify, reportedly.

Extremely Popular in India

Pasoori also acted as a bridge between 2 sister countries torn apart by religiopolitics. Several Bollywood celebrities have been seen grooving to the catchy tune on social media. Originally the song was about the longing of star-crossed lovers but also worked as a suitable metaphor for the relationship between India and Pakistan. Just like Romeos and Juliets, who, for some reason, cannot be together, these two countries also seem to stay separated due to their ceaseless conflict. However, it doesn’t stop the fans and artists from both sides from appreciating each other’s work. Like, Yashraj Mukhate, who edited the Pakistani “pawri ho rhi hai” meme into a song. Moreover, its popularity in India can also be credited to how the music is written in an erotic manner similar to the age-old courtesan songs, a tradition common between Pakistan and India.

Cover by International Artist

Pasoori also caught the ears of many international artists who attempted to cover it in their own styles. Even some voice coaches on YouTube applauded the song and the singers. Here’s one Dutch cover artist Emma Heesters famous for covering songs in various languages beautifully. Mostly she has covered many Bollywood songs popular among youth. She also translates some parts into English and blends them with the original language. Here’s she doing that with Sethi and Gill’s song too.

One Year to Complete the Project

After the massive virality of Pasoori, singer Ali Sethi revealed that it took the team a whole year to make this song. He explained that they worked hard to blend Turkic, Arab, Persian, and Indic beats, creating a hybrid genre in the process.

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