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The Passion Diamond Shoes By Jada Dubai And Passion Jewelers

The world will witness it’s most expensive shoes in UAE by the leading brand of the region Jada Dubai and Passion Jewellers. These brands have combined their expertise to develop The Passion Diamond Shoes which is doubtless, world’s most expensive shoes. These shoes contain hundreds of diamonds, combined with two D-flawless, 15-carat diamonds. Not even a single part of the shoe is not made of gold. From sole to skin it is pure gold heels.

The co-founder Jada Dubai Maria Majari told media, The Passion Diamond Shoes are made after many experiments and giving several shapes. Now the final shape is ready for the display ceremony.

Display Ceremony Of The Passion Diamond Shoes

For the most important ceremony of The Passion Diamond Shoes, 50 VIP guests are invited. These are regular customers of Passion jewelers, high elites around the word and some exclusive media members so that these shoes could be bought in the ceremony.

This ceremony will be arranged in the 7-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab, Dubai.

Single Pair of Shoes

The co-founder of Jada Shoes claims that there will be only one pair of shoes which will be displayed in the ceremony. This means that there is just one pair of the world’s most expensive shoes produced by the company. And the owner of this pair will be the luckiest human alive on this planet I guess!

But What about the size?

At the launch event the size will be 36 EU, but after the purchase, size will be made accurately according to the owner’s foot.

No Sale or Bargaining

No sale and no bargaining will be done. Well, the price is as fixed as the layers of diamonds are fixed on the shoes. These Shoes worth PKR 2.1bn. and they are specifically the most expensive shoes ever created!

Logo of Companies

The co-founder of the Jada Dubai stated that these shoes have the logos of both companies embedded inside it in such a beautiful way that everyone can see the logo made of gold but still these shoes are extremely comfortable. While wearing these heels the owner will still feel highly comfortable.

Before The Passion Diamond Shoes

Before the passion diamond shoes, Debbie Wingham high heels were considered as the world’s most expensive shoes. The price of these pair of heels was USD 15.1 million (55.4 million dirhams).

Let’s see who is rich enough to have the chance of wearing these shoes. Golden heels are the desire of every princess and lady with exclusive taste so should we expect a catfight over these heels as well? These heels could be a proposal gift too, though it is not for commoners!

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