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So COVID-19 Patients Have Started Playing Cricket In Expo Center Ward

The quarantine can be boring. Many people have done some silly things in order to kill time in quarantine. However, this time coronavirus patients in Lahore have shown that people can opt for something proactive. They decided to play cricket in the Expo Center while the ward is still open.

Expo Center in Johar Town, Lahore has been given the status of field hospital due to the number of COVID-19 patients. Therefore, it wasn’t shut down like other wards in Lahore i.e. Punjab University, Lahore University, Tableeghi Markaz Raiwind, Kala Shah Kaku, and Qaddafi Stadium.

People Took Proactive Approach By Playing Cricket In Expo Center

Given how the government is treating the pandemic, this ward at expo center could also be closed soon. People probably thought to enjoy this time while it lasts. It is also better than hopelessly lying on a hospital bed thinking if it’s possible to get outta here alive. To be alive means to live and these patients are trying to live by doing what they like. 

These players sent a message of hope in the face of uncertainty which can inspire many COVID-19 patients. According to the government, the worst of the pandemic is yet to come in Pakistan. It is focusing on the myth of economic stability and does not care how many lives are lost. Maybe this was also going through the minds of these patients, so they started playing cricket in Expo Center ward to kill time before time kills more people in Pakistan.

Standing Up To The Government

Patients in the expo center ward have been very vocal about the safety measurements since they have been admitted. They protested against the government for providing inadequate facilities in the ward. The Government remained nonsensical since the beginning of the pandemic.

A Cricket Crazy Nation or Simply Crazy?

Pakistanis are crazy for cricket and even a pandemic cannot stop them from playing. It is not only cricket but Pakistanis love to introduce some chaos in the face of the order. Especially when the order comes from a government that is against the public interest.

Meanwhile the coronavirus patients are enjoying cricket in quarantine and they are least bothered about what is going on outside. The pandemic has brought some serious mental health challenges as well. They might as well enjoy playing cricket in Expo Center and ignore the catastrophe.

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