This Edit of Pawri Girl Dananeer Mobeen Goes More Viral

Pakistani social media influencer, Dananeer made a video a few days back. The video went extremely viral and people started to call her Pawri Girl (party girl) for this entertaining video. Her caption on an Instagram post called out ‘burgors’ for their obsession with parties. She used a fake English accent to describe how this class proudly flexes their financial capacity to have large gatherings while a good part of Pakistan is submerged in poverty. She also encouraged people to make more of such memes as they can using this video as a format.

Dananeer is going viral on social media just like the confident girl Nimra Ali.

Many people on social media obliged and shared highly outrageous reenactments that were even more funny than the original one. One of them was rather surprising, which came from across the border. A popular Indian artist Yashraj Mukhate joined the viral trend and added some musical flavor. Yashraj Mukhtae was also the creator of famous Rasode Me Kon Tha Meme.

Yashraj Mukhate Gives Musical Background To Pawri Girl Video

Indian music composer was excited for editing the video. He mentioned in the caption and he will no longer do party and only do pawri.

Yashraj also gave a shoutout to Dananeer so his followers can also follow her. This trend was huge in Pakistan for many days. Even Pakistani celebrities reenacted the same video with their own style. With Yashraj’s involvement in this trend, more Indian stars are seemed to be following as well.

Even Dananeer Mobeen, also came up with a viral video of Yashraj’s version which was also applauded by the viewers.

Social Media Applauds Yashraj’s Song

Social media has appreciated the musical twist by a popular Indian musician, which was nothing short of an honor for Pakistani music lovers. They wondered if this Pawri Girl meme is already the best of this year. It has gotten the attention of Yashraj Mukhate, which is apparently a very big deal.

Pakistan is used to having something or someone going viral every other day but for some Indians this video was the best thing that came after ‘rasoyi me kaun tha’ fiasco. 

Some users started to raise voice for Dananeer and Yashraj to collab together on something like PSL 6 anthem, which is highly criticized by few lot in Pakistan. 

Who Is Yashraj Mukhate?

Yashraj Mukhate is a 25-year-old engineer turned music producer, composer, and social media personality. Indians love him for his parodical take on different songs and scenes from soap operas on Indian channels. He usually posts spoof videos on his Instagram page and YouTube Channel. His take on the funny scene from Saath Nibhana Saathiya, went extremely viral last year:

He has been working as producer in dialogue-based music creation for last six years. Apart from creating music on system, he can also play manual instruments i.e., guitar and harmonium.

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