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PayPal in Pakistan May Become A Possibility

Paypal in Pakistan may be available says the government. The government says that it is working to bring in PayPal and other payment service named AliPay. Pakistani government made similar assertions in the past to bring in PayPal. PayPal and AliPay are two international payment gateways.

The Commerce Minister Khurram Dastgir Khan made the announcement that government is working with State Bank of Pakistan. The government as per the Commerce Minister will streamline the processes for international payments. The minister added that PayPal would soon be offering its services to Pakistan.

On his recent trip to China, the Commerce Minister said that the government is hopeful to have Paypal in Pakistan. He expressed hope of other similar services coming into Pakistan. Earlier, Anusha Rahman, another minister had a promise to bring PayPal in Pakistan. However, the freelancers’ community of Pakistan is still waiting for the online payment service.

Why PayPal in Pakistan?

Pakistan is home to one of the largest community of freelancers in the world. Some rate Pakistan at 4th or 5th place in the world for the number of freelancers. Let us look at the potential benefits of PayPal in Pakistan.

  • It will make buying things online from international websites a lot easy.
  • Freelancers or anyone who wants to receive money from abroad can do it a lot conveniently.
  • It is a lot easier to send and receive money via PayPal. All the users need to do is manage it via email.
  • Pakistani freelancers who often have a problem purchasing domain and hosting can make transactions using this service.
  • You can purchase Skype credit for making international calls.
  • Make payments for playing online games.
  • The monthly limit for PayPal is $1,000 for sending and receiving money.

Limitations of using PayPal

Before you make any guesses, there are certain limits to the use of PayPal. Once PayPal officially comes in Pakistan, these restrictions may still apply.

  • You cannot use a PayPal account for selling products on eBay.
  • You may not have the facility to attach it to your website as a payment gateway.
  • A user may not be able to sell physical products and services.
  • You cannot make a transaction over $600 in amount.

Potential Beneficial Features

  • You have an account in your name.
  • A verified PayPal ensures the security of the payments received or sent.
  • You are able to directly get the money in your name.

Ecommerce Policy of Pakistan in its Infancy

PayPal In Pakistan May Become A PossibilityThe ecommerce policy of Pakistan is still in the making. It remains to be seen how PayPal will cope with this situation. Earlier State Bank of Pakistan stated that it would make an ecommerce policy for the country. Let us see how the government speeds up the policy formulation to finally get what most freelancers in Pakistan need.

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