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PCB Takes Notice of the PSL 7 Anthem Leaked Video

The extremely anticipated PSL 7 anthem is the latest hot topic today because of its leaked videos on the internet. The untitled and unreleased PSL song is already surfacing the social media platform since someone from the crowd secretly made the video of artists, Atif Aslam and Aima Baig performing it live and posted it on platforms. PCB decided to investigate the matter as the chunks of the anthem are already out which was an unexpected incident.

PSL 7 Anthem Singers and Lyrics Revealed

Even though the identity of the singers to perform the PSL anthem wasn’t disclosed people had an idea regarding Atif to be the new face of the PSL 2022 anthem. Now it is confirmed due to the leaked videos that Atif Aslam and Aima Baig are the voices behind the upcoming PSL 7 song. Reportedly, the artists were singing the hyped song as it was being filmed at Lahore Qaddafi stadium. As the crowd was also there, someone made the video which is currently getting viral on the internet. However, the title isn’t revealed and the lyrics are also vague because of the hooting of the crowd. It is also hard to know what the lyrics are. Other than that, some people who are sharing the videos are concerned that the leaked videos will ruin the excitement for the anthem.

PCB Investigation

The leaked videos of the shooting went viral too fast and it became hard for the authorities to know the identity of the person responsible for the act. The Pakistan Cricket Board instantly decided to start investigating the matter, reportedly.  It isn’t sure what steps PCB is taking regarding the PSL 7 anthem leaks but many tweets of people who shared the video are being deleted from Twitter. It is not sure whether the authorities are deleting the videos or people themselves are doing it because PCB didn’t announce anything of such sort.

Anthem Releasing Soon

As per reports, the PSL anthem is going to be released in a few days. No particular date has been disclosed but many people think the cricket board should release the anthem as soon as possible since it has become a subject of controversy and might spoil the fun for the fans. However, there is a good chance that authorities would delay the release to do some damage control. 

Also, many people are excited to see Atif and Aima singing the PSL 7 song Aslam is singing the anthem for the very first time. Before that, Atif Aslam and Naseebo Lal rocked at the PSL 6 opening ceremony. The public is expecting the same entertainment from the artists.

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