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What Pakistani Thinks of PDM Rally in Gujranwala

The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) by the opposition alliance began on Friday, 16 October. The countrywide protest campaign is held as a decisive referendum against the incompetent rulers, as per the members of the alliance. First PDM Rally was in Gujranwala and the next one will be in Karachi on Sunday, 18th October.

The event drew thousands of spectators to witness the massive show of power which is being described by critics as the beginning of the end of PTI’s government.

PDM Rally and Critique of Pakistani Establishment

Among the most prominent members were PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto, JUI-F leader Maulana Fazlur Rehman, and the vice-president of PML-N Maryam Nawaz Sharif was present at the rally. The supreme leader of PML-N Nawaz Sharif also joined via video from London.

The anti-government gathering did not only target PM Imran Khan for failing to fulfill the promises he made before beginning the mandate, they openly criticized the military-led establishment for allegedly selecting and hand-picking politicians to run the government.

Speakers highlighted the hikes in prices of various commodities like sugar, flour, fuel, and medicines during the tenure of Imran Khan.

The Speech by Nawaz Sharif Making It to Highlightts

The former Prime Minister of Pakistan who was disqualified due to corruption charges was forefront in exposing the military’s involvement in politics. He targeted Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa and ISI DG Faiz Hameed by holding them. responsible for everything that has gone wrong in the country

The speech was relatively well-structured, considering how difficult it is for the supremo to deliver a speech without a script. Many Pakistanis were astonished at this development. He covered many aspects ranging from oppressive inflation to condemning the establishment. Although, the majority was already aware of what Sharif had said mentioning it in detail on air could mean a lot for others who are unaware or in denial of this critical situation.

Did Nawaz Sharif Succeed in Making an Impression in PDM Rally

This nation has been stung my promises since its foundations. The most problematic part of these speeches is that they seem like an attempt to save a particular political party through its seemingly bold stance. According to popular opinion, the political landscape of Pakistan is horrifying. Sharif repeated the problems from a video screen rather than providing a democratic solution which is also similar to a certain MQM leader taking refuge abroad. Such political statements are only good for causing chaos and panic among citizens while political leaders have the luxury to stay harmless.

No matter how much the opposition ridicules the current government, their own mandate is quite unforgettable as well. Everyone had their fair share of political evils which contributed to the downward spiral of Pakistan. Some were wondering if Nawaz Sharif truly meant his words, his party would not have voted for the extension of Chief of Army Staff, General Qamar Javed Bajwa.

People also complained about the late arrival of opposition leaders. Reportedly the public waited for them for 4 hours which was not an impressive move according to those who had hopes and expectations with this event. They opined that only the general public will have to face the current oppressive regime because opposition or any other entity is not capable or credible enough to handle this major responsibility of managing a country.

All faces on the TV who raised voice against bad governance were famous as corrupt themselves. It is highly concerning for the country and its development.

The bottom line was probably more miserable than the political situation of Pakistan. Rallies like PDM rally can only help the opposition to stay relevant in the country somehow. The major responsibility lies with the general public (mainly young people) who are blindly following PTI without raising questions on their incompetence.  

The critiques of Pakistan’s current ragime may think it to be a successful political gathering of opposition and win for them particularly after Nawaz Sharif’s speech but it may not have done much to leave a mark on masses who see it just as a struggle among mainstream parties to reclaim power.

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