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PDMA’s Reason for Smog in Pakistan Can’t Be Sarcastic Enough

The air quality index of Pakistan, especially Lahore, doesn’t show a promising and satisfying picture of the cleanliness in the county. On top of that, the Punjab Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) has presented an astonishing theory before the Lahore High Court about the causes of Smog in Pakistan. On Thursday, the court expressed apprehension regarding the increased level of pollution in Lahore. An official presented the reasons for Smog before the court during the petitions hearing about the concerning issues of the environment.

Other than that, after knowing the PDMA’s reports on smog causes, the public is stunned. They are wondering how this is even possible since there are too many valid reasons behind the hazardous air pollution in the air of Pak.

Funny PDMA’s Reasons of Smog in Pakistan

Regardless of so many reasons behind Smog in Pakistan, the official of PDMA fixated on a rather interesting one. As per the official, BBQ and the increasing consumption rate of grilled fish in the city are what air pollutes the region.

Other than that, he advised the court to close the food points, restaurants, and markets since this might be the only solution to the current problem.

Court Decides Not to Take Notice of Such Claims

Justice Shahid Karim didn’t find the suggested solution promising and applicable; thus, he turned it down. He asked the authorities not to close down the eateries but find another way to eradicate the issue.

Furthermore, Karim addressed the provisional law officer and directed him to commence the problem and take it up with the government in order to initiate winter vacations in schools. In his view, Lahore has become the most polluted city globally, and closing schools for a while is necessary.   

Public Scratching Heads over the Funny Reason

Many people on social media are trolling PDMA for presenting a stupid reason behind the causes of Smog in Pakistan. Several criticise it since the enormous industries, vehicles, and other things are right before the people’s eyes. Still, PDMA chose to neglect them all and threw restaurants under the bus. Some people reflected their sense of humour on social media by talking about even more bizarre things on the platforms to mock the official of the Punjab Disaster Management Authority.

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