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Pakistanis Don’t Seem Happy With PEMRA Regulating OTT TV

Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry announced to launch the Pakistani version of Netflix Netflix, which would be an OTT TV service. He added that PEMRA will set the content guidelines for this new service, which bothered many citizens.

The minister showed confidence in the project which will run in PPP (Public-Private-Partnership) mode. It is a financial model for public projects to partner with private firms in order to achieve mutual goal. The model also enables the government to legally own and represent any PPP business in the country.

What Pakistani Netflix OTT TV Is All About?

OTT TV is a platform which provides television content from all over the world that can be streamed using the power of internet rather than cables and satellites. The most popular streaming services based on this platform include Netflix, Hulu, NFL, WWE, Disney+, and HBO MAX. The viewers of these streaming services did not like how Pakistan’s government attempt to regulate whatever content that is planned for that service.

The Minister Of Science And Technology Receives Criticism

The public took aim at the government and directly accused them of censoring the interviews of opposition. They think that Pakistan wants to regulate OTT TV content so they can intensify PTI propaganda.

Pakistanis also suggested the Ministry of Science and Technology improve their present networks which do not perform at an optimum level. They highlighted PTV which is a state-owned channel active since 1964 and still hasn’t upgraded to high definition. It presents doubt in the government’s future plan when current systems are functioning terribly.

It was funny for some when Chaudhry said the strategy would be PPP mode. Those innocent souls which are saved from the knowledge of business politics did not know the meaning of PPP mode. Whereas, some tried to explain it with the meme of ex-president Asif Ali Zardari who is famous as of the most corrupt person of Pakistan. They used this meme to suggest that PTI government is going in the same direction where Zardari committed white-collar crimes in the name of business.

Some users countered Chaudhry with questions about more urgent technology required for digital development in Pakistan. One highlighted how majority of the countries have adapted the DTH (Direct-to-Home) technology, which provides viewer with programs directly from satellite. This technology removes any barriers placed by the network regulation authorities. While others appealed again about legalizing PayPal in Pakistan. The financial management app has even started to offer cryptocurrency trade on its platform. 

Government Regulation Kills The Very Aspect Of OTT TV

Many wondered that government probably misread Netflix’s impact on Pakistani audience. The diverse content on original Netflix has appealed to the masses whereas Pakistani Netflix is under regulation of controversial PEMRA which indicates that the service could include a very controlled content. The regulation authority recently banned a biscuit ad because it showed dancing.

Many rendered this upcoming service useless because they can enjoy all kind of content on other streaming service. Public on Twitter stated that the government should try to offer a one platform which can share the diverse creativity of Pakistanis without regulation

PEMRA often faces an allegation of biasedness; perhaps, this is the reason why they have condemned the ministry for not predicting the failure of this project.

Overall, the PEMRA regulations are contradictory to how OTT TV should operate. Therefore, it is unclear whether people will use this service like they use others. It does not seem likely after they expressed doubt against the minister for his knowledge and skills in science and technology.
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