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This Student from Peshawar Beats the Guys Who Harassed Her in Public

Unfortunately, it is quite common for women to face harassment at public places. But, it is not common to see women fighting against this oppression and standing up to the culprits who make it difficult for them to share the public places. Recently, a girl from Peshawar made history by beating the guys who harassed her on a busy road.

It was exciting to watch how courageously, this girl stood to those harassers and chased them until they didn’t run away.

Peshawar Girl Beating the Guys

Here is the video of girl student slapping boys for harassing her.

Take Aways from the Video

The video throws light on several factors; The courage of the girl is obvious but heart wrenching is the fact that bystanders are showing no concern with the incident except moderating it on boys’ behalf. Few of spectators are struggling to stop the girl from beating the culprits while rest are only laughing at the act as it is amusing them.

Well, the reaction of men is no surprising because in a region where only solution of women harassment is to stop them from stepping out in public, seeing a woman standing up to harassers is no less than a spectacle. Very often women even don’t get to speak up against poor behavior of males in public places due to popular culture of victim blaming.

Taking Stand Against the Harassment

Beating of the guys by this student in Peshawar is no less than an event worth talking about. Women who become victim of such intolerable behavior  choose to stay silent as they accept that being women is their crime and harassing the women in public is male privilege. So, there is no use of complaining as in return they will hear the sermons about covering themselves properly and an emphasize on going out unless it is too much necessary.

The society needs to understand that women are vulnerable because the notion of their being weak and inferior to men is propagated enough to make it difficult for them to move in public places. Even it is rare for harasser to face any punishment or to face a backlash for committing a crime.

The incident that according to this video took place in Peshawar encourages women to stand up against the culprits and show them what wrong they have done by holding them accountable.

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