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Pakistani Celebrities Honor Victims of Peshawar School Massacre

Pakistani actors, singers, politicians, and cricketers have paid tribute to Peshawar school massacre victims on social media. They shared heartfelt posts to remember the 144 lives lost to terrorism, out of which 132 were children.

According to reports, 7 Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) terrorists attacked a military-run Army Public School in Peshawar on December 16, 2014, and committed mass murder.

The attack started mid-morning when terrorists accessed the large school compound by scaling walls. According to some reports, they blasted their own vehicle to distract guards, entered the main hall, where a group of students was taking a first aid lesson. The attackers armed with automatic rifles and grenades opened fire on the group indiscriminately. However, this did not satisfy their insatiable bloodlust. They proceeded to classrooms and killed more children and students. The motive of the killers was only to kill without taking any hostages.

The majority of the students in APS were children of army officers.

Peshawar School Massacre is Unforgettable

The tragic incident is remembered each year on December 16 in Pakistan by citizens, politicians, and celebrities alike. Commoners have been sharing emotional posters to pay tribute to the victims of the Peshawar school massacre. Famous singer Hadiqa Kiani also shared one of those memorial pictures to remind everyone that the country can never forget what happened on that day.

TV actor and host Faysal Quraishi shared an Urdu poetry that came to the surface after the devastating attack. It meant that it might be possible for him to forget every sorrow of December but the blood of little angles makes him restless every time.

Words from Government and Opposition

Prime Minister Imran Khan condemned the Peshawar School Massacre and vowed to never let down the survivors and the parents of martyred children by defeating terrorism.

Vice President of Pakistan Muslim League N, Maryam Nawaz Sharif, urged to ensure that Pakistan does not make the same mistakes again. For that, she suggested revising the priorities, policies, and mindsets that lead to such radicalism.

The Smallest Coffins Are The Heaviest

Fast bowler of the Pakistani cricket team, Shaheen Shahid Afridi, said that Peshawar School Massacre might be the worst memory of his life. He shared the pictures of some victims killed by terrorists in APS.

Not Just a Hashtag

Former player and captain of Pakistan’s women cricket team, Sana Mir, reassured everyone that the victims of the Peshawar School Massacre were not just a hashtag but a reminder of significant loss. She said they would remain in our thoughts, memories, prayers forever.

Last year in October, another terrorist attack jolted Peshawar in which 7 kids died in a madrassa. According to the reports, the children were taking a Quran class when terrorists blew up at least 5KG of explosives.

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