High Petrol Price Is Causing Trouble For Pakistanis


Previously, the public had been fueling up their vehicle tanks at Rs 109.20. However, Currently, the government of Pakistan has increased the petrol price with the new figure of Rs 111.90. Consequently, the recent fluctuation in the petroleum rates has directed the Pakistan public to question the Government regarding its intentions towards the country.

Unhappy Pakistanis Question Imran Khan About Petrol Price  

As per the fact that petrol price in Pakistan experienced Rs 2.70 addition in the existing fuel rate, the public reportedly called themselves unfortunate since they trusted PM, Imran khan with the state’s fate. The reason behind such quotation was the Prime Minister’s accusations and criticism of the previous Government: PMLN (Pakistan Muslim League Noon). Several entities presented their recollection of khan’s message regarding PMLN based on the fueling prices on social media. Their sarcastic opinion mocked Pakistan’s Prime minister about the increased fuel prices today.  

In reference to the premier’s intents regarding the country in 2018, he disparaged the former authorities for burdening the public with high petroleum fares. Thus, the people reflected similar assertions on him since he has the power to make a difference.

Pakistan Petroleum Rates Chart

According to the reports, the Pakistani public has been fixating on how they would only dream of cheap fuel rather than enjoy it. From 2018 till 2021, the citizens have remained unsatisfied with the pricing of kerosene oil, petrol, diesel.

The chart justifies the public’s concerns:

PRODUCTOld RateNew RateFluctuations  
PETROLRs 109.20111.90RS 2.70
HIGH OCTANE DIESELRS 113.19116.07RS 2.88
LIGHT DIESELRS 76.23RS 79.23RS 3.00
KEROSENE OILRS 76.65RS 80.19RS 3.45

Neighboring Country Facing The Similar Situation

Not only Pakistan but India is also encountering the judgmental thoughts of citizens regarding the increased petrol price. The Indian government has also increased the fuel rates as the new petroleum rate is Rs 96.16 per liter. Indians are not taking it well and revealing their concerns through making memes since humor is the people’s newest way of expressing ideas and apprehensions on social media. Some of the people questioned Smriti Z Irani, a former Indian actress and current Union Cabinet Minister for Textiles and Women & Child Development | MP Amethi Lok Sabha Constituency. They tagged her and the Indian PM, Narendra Modi on a social media platform supposedly to show that the govt has been showing their hypocritic side.