Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Pew Di Pie Bashed For Allegedly Encouraging Christchurch Shooting

People are bashing pew di pie the world’s highest-paid YouTube for allegedly encouraging the Christchurch shooting in New Zealand that claimed the lives of 49 people and seriously injuring 20 others.

How Pew Di Pie Is Being Implicated in This

The Christchurch shooting is the biggest terrorist attack in New Zealand in the recent history. The gunman before opening fire shouted subscribe to pew di pie since then the YouTube Is getting bashed by people for allegedly encouraging the shooting.

And, they are like why YouTube is allowing racist videos to go on air on its platform.

Yes a famous YouTube channel that often remains in race with T-Series was being held responsible.

Others feel that all of pies videos are non-sense and nothing but trash and should be removed

Then there are those who are using this situation to promote their agenda or someone else’s agenda.

And, Blames on Pew Die Pie Were Serious

Some people feel that fans need to get a reality check .there so-called favorite celebrity is a fake, and there’s ample of proof out there to prove it

Such a tragic event has occurred, and instead of focusing on this significant event people are focusing on such petty thing.

Folks are also of opinion that blaming pew di pie is nothing but nonsense and the actual culprit is the media who has given hype to the situation for no reason and should be held responsible.

The youtubers fans are assuring him not to worry, and they stand by him at all cost

In response to his bashing, the young You Tuber took to Twitter to condole the incident that has happened and clarified that he does not endorse or encourage any kind of criminal activities or individuals
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