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Initial PIA Plane Crash Report Receives Mixed Reaction of Public

The initial plane crash report on the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight # PK-8303 was presented on 22 June. The investigators held the pilot and Air Traffic Controller (ATC) responsible for this tragic plane crash that took the lives of 98 passengers. However, almost 60% of the public is not satisfied with the report due to its ambiguity.

According to the majority, this crash report does not address critical technicalities and goes with the traditional human error story. Which is why the concerned citizens had shared what they feel about the intended transparency of the report.

What Is In The Initial PIA Plane Crash Report?

After the crash, Airbus sent a team of 11 specialists to provide technical assistance to the team appointed by the federal government.

However, it was largely expected that the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) would also interfere in such a sensitive matter.

Nonetheless, the initial PIA plane crash report suggests that the pilot did not follow the landing protocols properly. It said he forgot to control the speed and elevation of the aircraft upon landing. It added that the pilot tried to take off the plane even though he touched the runway three times.

Additionally, the crash report held the ATC responsible for failing to communicate with the crashed flight. It argued that ATC should have warned the pilot to land when he touched the runway.

The report concluded that the pilot and ATC are responsible for the plane crash which is convenient for the operators, as criticized by the public. The final investigation is still pending and said to be available in 3 months.

The initial crash report has received mixed opinions from different people. Some have agreed that the pilot may have made a mistake but majority is content that the report is hiding technical faults to blame it on a human error.

Public Response To The Crash Report

Many people have been suggesting a deep investigation in this matter ever since the crash. This twitter user shares an audio log as presented by Sky News to remind everyone what the pilot experienced before the crash. He clearly declared a life threatening emergency and further detailed the loss of engines. The pilot described the condition as “serious” which could mean that he was facing an unresolvable problem in landing.

They have raised a question mark on the transparency of the crash report because it largely seems biased. This user suggests that the report should have discussed the technical disturbances the pilot was facing like failure to land, or engines getting seized.

They have also been disappointed by the lack of noise as many social media users are often seen making top trends to push different issues. It is clearly not a satisfactory investigation if different people have different unanswered questions; such as why only pilots are blamed instead of the top level management that makes more decisions about the aircraft than the pilot.

The report defended the maintenance and operation of the aircraft by claiming that the crash was not due to the technical fault. In response, few users demand explanation on how can PIA judge that their plane was flawless and pilot was not?

This user expresses disappointment in people for agreeing with an airline company like PIA for blaming a dead human over a flying machine; for which PIA is responsible for maintenance. 

A former singer, Fakhr-E-Alam who is also a recreational pilot himself, was focused on the report rather than the alleged blame PIA is firing against the departed pilot. He claimed that any aviation expert can easily identify the long-standing problems that usually lead to the crash in the future. He added that the report must identify those issues so that technical accidents like these don’t happen.

Just like PIA rejected the pilot’s distress call as a technical failure, the public rejected PIA plane crash report as a bogus attempt at transparency that proves nothing. This user implies that the Government of Pakistan (GoP) is trying to dump their burden on the deceased pilot so they don’t have to deal with the incompetencies of PIA.

Finally, some folks suggested GoP and PIA to at least be transparent properly and address the main issues that were concealed from the public. If those shortcomings are always put under the rug like this case then similar crashes would continue to happen, this user meant:

History Of Plane Crashes In PIA

To date, 19 fatal accidents have been recorded including the devastating crash in Karachi. The very first PIA plane crash occurred in 1956 after only a decade of becoming operational. Below is the list of all fatal accidents including the pilot training sessions and excluding the hijack or other terrorism incidents. (Data Source: Aviation Safety. Net)

125 Feb 1956Douglas C-47B (DC-3)Mt. Lash Golath, Gilgit-Baltistan3
201 July 1957Douglas C-47A (DC-3)Charlakhi Island, Bangladesh24
315 May 1958Convair CV-240-7Delhi-Palam Airport, India23
414 Aug 1959Vickers 815 ViscountKarachi Int. Airport, Pakistan2
526 Mar 1965Douglas C-47A (DC-3)Near Lowery Pass, Pakistan22
620 May 1965Boeing 720-040BNear Cairo International, Egypt121
78 Oct 1965Fokker F-27 Friendship 200Near Patian, Pakistan4
806 Aug 1970Fokker F-27 Friendship 200Near Rawalpindi, Pakistan30
931 Dec 1970Fokker F-27 Friendship 200Near Shamshernagar Airport, Bangladesh7
1012 Dec 1971Fokker F-27 Friendship 200Near Iran Border, Pakistan4
1108 Dec 1972Fokker F-27 Friendship 600Near Jalkot, Pakistan26
1216 Dec 1978Fokker F-27 Friendship 200Karachi, Pakistan1
1326 Nov 1979Boeing 707-340CNear Taif, Saudi Arabia156
1423 Oct 1986Fokker F-27 Friendship 600Near Peshawar Airport, Pakistan13
1525 Aug 1989Fokker F-27 Friendship 200Himalaya Mountains, Pakistan54
1628 Sep 1992Airbus A300B4-203Near Kathmandu-Tribhuvan Airport, Nepal167
1710 Jul 2006Fokker F-27 Friendship 200Near Multan Airport, Pakistan45
187 Dec 2016ATR 42-500Near Havelian, Pakistan47
1922 May 2020Airbus A320-214Near Karachi Airport, Pakistan98
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