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Piccadilly Circus Billboard Lights Come Back to Life

The famous Piccadilly Circus Billboard Lights finally turned on after a long wait. It is the longest period since January this year when they remained switched off.

So Why were Piccadilly Circus Billboard Lights Switched off?

The reason was the old technology illuminating the Piccadilly Circus Billboard Lights. Therefore, the authorities thought of changing the six old advertising boards with the new ultra HD curved screen. The Piccadilly Circus Billboard Lights were switched on at 8:00 am Thursday morning. There appeared a countdown screen to mark the start of the new screen.

Tourists Teaser on Wednesday Night

There appeared a Piccadilly Circus Billboard Lights teaser displaying Piccadilly-On on the new screen. The hawkish eyed tourists quickly noticed the change and shared it on social media. Some were not sure what would happen. Others promptly grasped that the Piccadilly Circus Billboard Lights would be back on soon.

A Bit of Controversy Surrounding the Boarding

There were rumors that the new screen would rely upon surveillance based technology. Thus, the technology would see the tourists strolling in front of the boarding and accordingly display advertisements. It would include targeting advertisements to the passerby based on their mood, age, and gender. Besides display advertisements, it will also screen sports results and weather.

Piccadilly Circus Billboard Lights Come Back to Life

Did the Piccadilly Circus Billboard Lights Ever Go Off?

So, the screen remained illuminated almost continuously since 1908. However, there were a few occasions when they were switched off. There were two times they went off at the funerals of Princess Diana and Winston Churchill. Also, they were switched off during the World War Two as the city had to comply with the war-related blackouts at night. Similarly, they were switched off to support environmental campaigns. During the 1970s, there were some power cuts which also saw the lights switched off.

Coca-Cola Association

Coca-Cola has a long-standing association with the Piccadilly Circus Billboard Lights. It has displayed its adverts on this billboard for the last 62 years.

In total around six advertisers will be sharing the ad screen on this screen. The new technology, as experts believe would help advertisers show their adverts more engagingly.

Some of the Milestones of Piccadilly Circus Lights

  • The circus was built back in 1819 to connect it with the Regent Street.
  • Perrier was the first brand to advertise electrical advertisements using the screen in 1908.
  • The use of electric billboards to let Bovril advertise started in 1932.
  • The neon lamps were replaced with LED displays in 2011.
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